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Ethiopia Borboya Washed

Honeydew, fresh papaya, black tea.

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12oz / whole bean / free shipping

This heirloom coffee bursts with fresh, sweet aromas of honeydew, pineapple, and caramel. Honeydew carries over into the cup, along with lemon notes, papaya sweetness, and apple acidity. Soft body and lingering black tea and honeysuckle florals beg for just one more sip.

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Borboya Washing Station
Smallholder producers
Ethiopian Heirloom
Washed Process

Meet Smallholder producers

Approximately 670 coffee growers in the Borena zone of Yirgacheffe bring their coffees to the Borboya Washing Station. These smallholders are not co-op members. Rather, they band together as neighbors, combining harvests from their small farms in order to create large enough lots for processing and export.

The Borena zone boasts an ideal micro-climate for coaxing the maximum flavor from slowly ripening coffee cherries. At Borboya, these cherries are sorted, pulped, then fermented in water for about 36 hours to remove any clinging mucilage. 10 or so days drying on elevated beds brings the beans to the proper water content, and then they’re bagged and sent to the warehouse to await shipping.

Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

In the Yirgacheffe region, high altitudes and loamy iron-rich acidic soil give rise to a bright, floral profile--strong fruit tea notes along with crisp apple, blueberries, and stone fruit. Small agricultural villages are spread throughout the area, unified through central washing stations, while the typical holding for a grower here is less than one hectare of ground. Because of that, coffees are usually not traceable to individual farmers. Distinct high-quality lots are separated based on screen size, defect, micro-climate, and process method, and sold as micro-lots within the cooperatives or other marketers/exporters.

The air in the growing regions of Ethiopia is heavy with the scent of coffee flowers--like jasmine and orange flowers, and yet not at all like. Coffee’s origin is shrouded in mystery but is believed to have begun in Ethiopia, where heirloom varieties still grow wild beside the road. As the story goes, a drowsy goat herder named Kaldi noticed his goats were perkier after nibbling on the coffee trees, and tried the cherry for himself. Caffeine was discovered, and coffee’s epic began.

Topeka, KS

PT's Coffee Roasting Co.

Topeka Kansas, 1993: an unlikely place and time for one of the most groundbreaking Direct Trade coffee companies in the world to be founded, but that's just what Fred Polzin and Jeff Taylor did. PT's Coffee Roasting Co.'s slogan is, "Without the love, it's just coffee.", and they certainly live up to it. (In fact, Jeff married a Colombian coffee pro, Maritza, now Director of Quality Control for PT's).

PT's Coffee Roasting Co. has won many awards, including Roast Magazine's 2009 "Roaster of the Year" and a 2012 Good Food Award medal. Building on a history so solid, PT's is pushing into the future of the coffee industry with promise and momentum.

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