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Ethiopia Keramo Natural

Strawberry jam, grape soda, plum.

Where to start! This exceptional coffee is a swirling universe of integrated flavors. Strawberry jam combines with notes of plum and grape while soft florals—pink rose and purple flowers—mingle with honey, sandalwood and a chaser of gummy bears.

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Bombe Washing Station
Keramo Growers & Bombe Washing Station
Ethiopian Heirloom
Natural Process

Meet Keramo Growers & Bombe Washing Station

Keramo lies high in the beautiful Bombe mountains, so remotely situated that it lacks its own washing station. The growers processed their coffees through the Bombe washing station, and the results became a standout favorite on the cupping table. Catalyst Trade Quality and Sourcing Director, Michael McIntyre, says, "The Keramo is one of the best coffees I've ever had in my life. It is so aromatic, so herbal, fruity, floral—while still delicate and resonating at the same time."

Not only is Bombe wet mill well-organized and run by a team including newest member Atkilt Dejene (shown here), a female agronomist who has also worked with the award-winning Gesha Village project, but the community of producers achieved several levels of certification, including NOP and JAS Organic as well as C.A.F.E. Practices. This allows the local coffee cherries, already grown using organic practices, to reach new markets around the world.

Kaffa, Ethiopia

Some 460 km to the southwest of Addis Ababa, we find the Kaffa zone. Here wild Arabica coffee flourishes in the volcanic soils of the forest understory, high on the slopes of the surrounding mountains.

The Kaffa region was once dominated by spreading rainforest. But when coffee prices declined, farmers turned to other crops, and to grow those crops, they began destroying the rainforest until the jungle had been reduced to a bare 3% of its original area.

However, there is a large-scale conservation project in operation in which the last wild stock of rainforest coffee is being carefully preserved and cultivated. Approximately 30 co-ops harvest and market this coffee to specialty markets, and over 40,000 people are seeing a boost in their income as a result. Furthermore, in 2010, Part of the Kaffa province was officially recognised as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and in 2012, lions were photographed there for the first time.

Hillsboro, OR

Dapper & Wise

In 2013, Insomnia's owners Evan Aldrete and Tyler Geel launched Dapper & Wise as a tasting room and roasting facility in Portland's Western suburbs, and by 2014, as a wholesaler as well. Although both wear many hats, in general, Evan oversees the roasting operation and Tyler oversees the business end of things.

Based out of Beaverton, Oregon, Evan and Tyler work with a stellar team, all of whom are dedicated to the values that undergird Dapper & Wise: “We want people to walk through our doors and feel welcome. We want people to taste our coffee and be impressed and inspired. We want the coffee we roast to exemplify the hard work of the producers that grow it.”


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