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Guatemala Vizcaya

Chocolate muffin, baked pear, macadamia nut.

Launching with aromas of toasted marshmallow and toffee caramel, this coffee presents flavor notes of chocolate muffin, creamy nut butters, and baked pear in seamless transitions from first taste to final lingering sip. Its sweet acidity, velvety body, and creamy finish make it an approachable, comforting choice any time of the day.

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Finca Vizcaya
Francisco “Chespi” Quesada
Washed Process

Meet Francisco “Chespi” Quesada

Dapper & Wise has been building relationship with Francisco “Chespi” Quesada and his family over the past year. Finca Vizcaya is an old farm, with some of the coffee trees there being nearly 100 years old! Chespi s experimenting with new varieties and processing methods here and throughout the four farms he oversees and is very proud to be able to offer so many job opportunities in the his community.

One of the big challenges in this part of Guatemala has been a steady change in climate which has led to compromised health for coffee plants. Chespi and his manager, Oscar, have been renovating and rehabilitating Finca Vizcaya to help improve overall tree health. Renovation is basically removing old trees and replacing them with new ones. Rehabilitating involves pruning and care of remaining trees. Though time consuming and difficult, they’re seeing encouraging results form their labors in state of the trees and the flavor of the coffees they’re producing.

Jalapa, Guatemala

The name Jalapa alternatively means “sandy places” or “sand and bread.” Whatever else the name implies, it gives nod to mountains and valleys of this diverse region. Organized as a department in 1873 and located in the southeast of Guatemala, climate varies from the mostly cool Mataquescuintla area to the warmer plains and valleys near Monjas. And of course, coffee loves the volcanic mountain soil, cool microclimates. Coffees from this region place regularly in the Guatemala Cup of Excellence contests.

Jalapa’s citizenry is a mix of indigenous peoples and those of Spanish descent. Traditional customs and practices, social organization, dances, and religious cultures are integral to everyday life in the highlands. In Jalapa one can find bull fights and World Cup soccer players to horse parades and marathon runs, Jalapa always has something going for residents and visitors. One important program that has gotten off the ground in the area is called Wells of Hope. Focusing mainly on drilling wells in order to give people access to clean water, Wells of Hope also is helping to build schools and works to encourage self-sufficiency for participants.

Hillsboro, OR

Dapper & Wise

In 2013, Insomnia's owners Evan Aldrete and Tyler Geel launched Dapper & Wise as a tasting room and roasting facility in Portland's Western suburbs, and by 2014, as a wholesaler as well. Although both wear many hats, in general, Evan oversees the roasting operation and Tyler oversees the business end of things.

Based out of Beaverton, Oregon, Evan and Tyler work with a stellar team, all of whom are dedicated to the values that undergird Dapper & Wise: “We want people to walk through our doors and feel welcome. We want people to taste our coffee and be impressed and inspired. We want the coffee we roast to exemplify the hard work of the producers that grow it.”


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