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Mellow yet packed with flavor, this balanced blend offers welcoming vanilla and caramel flavors kicked up a notch by nuanced citrus notes. Silky body and sweet acidity combine for an approachable, satisfying cup o’ joe.

Light Medium Roast

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About Justice Blend

When Higher Grounds founded their fair trade coffee business in 2002, they sought to embed into the fiber of their organization the primary objective of the founding growers of Maya Vinic Cooperative. That objective? A pacifist struggle for indigenous rights. Maya Vinic was formed by surviving family and friends after the 1997 massacre of peaceful coffee growers in the Chiapas region of Mexico. Justice Blend honors them and their efforts.

A riff on a classic breakfast blend, Higher Grounds has crafted this medium-roasted coffee combined Guatemalan smoothness with Ethiopian zip. It’s an easy drinking complement to breakfast or the perfect way to wake up and face the day. Sip through the morning hours. Or for that matter, while away the afternoon.

Traverse City, MI

Higher Grounds Coffee

It all started with a trip to Mexico. Owner and co-founder, Chris Treter, was living and working among coffee farmers at the Maya Vinic cooperative in Chiapas, Mexico as part of a post-graduate internship in 2001. For the farmers, poverty and a lack of access to basic resources such as education and water were simply a way of life. As he neared the end of his internship, Chris asked his farmer friend, Jose Perez Vazquez, “How can we keep helping you?”

“You could sell our coffee,” said José.

And that’s exactly what Chris did. From selling Maya Vinic Co-op’s coffee at his local farmers’ market, Higher Grounds grew. Eventually they also sought out coffee from other sources and joined forces with a handful of other roasters to form an importing cooperative, Cooperative Coffees. Every trade relationship they have is modeled after that first one, and every year they still purchase from Maya Vinic. Furthermore, Higher Grounds Coffee donates 1% of their sales to On the Ground, their partner nonprofit. On the Ground empowers coffee farming communities through gender and social equity, environmental sustainability, and economic security.


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