James Coffee Co.

Costa Rica Soñora Colorado Honey

Orange zest, pineapple, cocoa.

Awarded a whopping 92 points on Coffee Review, this coffee is complex and crisp with a sweet, juicy acidity and satin-smooth mouthfeel. Peach, soft florals, and almond meld with roasted cacao nib and orange zest in both aroma and cup, joining honeysuckle, almond, and cocoa in a lingering finish.

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Costa Rica
Cerrado, Minas Gerais
Colorado/ Hacienda Sonora
Roberto and Daniel Carranza
Semi-Washed Process

Meet Roberto and Daniel Carranza

Coffee plants love volcanic soil, so the trees at Finca Colorado are extra happy, growing as they do at the base of not one but two volcanoes, Poás and Barva. At Colorado, owners Roberto and Daniel Carranza are third generation coffee farmers.

The Carranzas use the black honey method to process their coffees, allowing the pulp of the coffee cherries (honey) to remain during drying. Along with their goal to produce excellent coffee, Roberto and Daniel are passionate about their people and environment. For example, they use 100% renewable energy to power the mill and provide electricity for local workers.

Central Valley, Costa Rica

The Central Valley region is the most heavily populated and the one that has been growing coffee the longest in Costa Rica. It also boasts two active volcanoes--Irazú and Poás--and a dormant third one--Barva--for good measure. Known for its distinctive wet and dry seasons, its rich cultural expressions, artisanal foods, and picturesque villages are often what people think of when they picture this beautiful country.

The Ticos take pride in their land and their coffee. They have a phrase, Pura Vida, which encapsulates the optimism of the people. This multipurpose phrase is translated “pure life,” and carries with it an underlying thankfulness, along with the understanding that no matter what the situation, somewhere someone is experiencing something worse, so maybe the situation isn’t so terrible after all! In essence, no matter how much or little you have, life is short and we’re here together so—pura vida!

San Diego, CA
(619) 756-7770

James Coffee Co.

Amidst the San Diego explosion of specialty coffee roasters and cafés is James Coffee Co., a genuinely cool roasting company co-owned by David Kennedy, ex-guitarist for the famous group Angels & Airwaves. With a focus on producing quality from farm level (Kennedy does as much direct sourcing as possible) and a groundbreaking collaborative café space in the Little India district of San Diego, James Coffee Co. is a combination of the best aspects of the coffee industry.

"From the diligent hand that picks the coffee cherry to the honed intuition of the roaster cultivating the bean, James Coffee strives to instill in you a confidence that the conclusion of your bean’s journey will be a fantastic cup of coffee."


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