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This coffee pairs syrupy body and sweet citrus acidity with notes of blackberry, brown sugar, and butterscotch.

Light Roast

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About the Chuchu Washing Station of Ethiopia

Located just 6 km south of the town of Dilla in Sidama Zone, Chuchu washing station has produced some of Sidama’s finest coffees for decades. Relatively small compared to other Sidama wet mills, Chuchu receives cherry from approximately 600 farmers each year, producing just over two full containers of coffee both washed and natural process.

Although Chuchu is located in Sidama Zone, many of the farmers delivering coffees to the washing station are located in the Southern Nation Nationalities and People’s Region (SNNPR) zone, very close to Yirgacheffe. For this reason, like many things in coffee, labeling coffee from Chuchu as “Sidamo” or “Yirgacheffe” can be a little tricky.


Wenatchee, WA

Mela Coffee Roasting Co.

Mela Coffee Roasting Company is situated in the beautiful Wenatchee Valley of Washington State, nestled at the foot of the Cascade Mountains where the mighty Columbia River rolls on its majestic way to the Pacific. “Mela” comes from the Italian word for apple, a nod to Wenatchee, considered the apple capital of the world, and to the Italian roots of espresso coffee.

Mela’s mission is to steward coffees well, and in so doing, give honor those who grew them. One of the ways they do this is by roasting specialty beans in such a way as to draw out the unique characteristics and flavors of the region. Since their beginning in 2007, they have been inviting customers into the coffee conversation, sharing their own passion for farm-to-cup values in the form of stellar coffee, roasted well. Besides their roastery, they serve crafted espresso and coffee drinks at their café in the heart of downtown Wenatchee.


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