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This silky, syrupy coffee entices with a sweet honeysuckle and almond aroma. As you sip you will discover notes of peach cobbler and brown sugar with an orange zest and cocoa powder finish.

Medium Roast

Roast Level





1600 - 1890 meters above sea levelm


About Iván Ovalle Altuve of Guatemala

We've always wanted to build a relationship with a producer with consistently great coffee in Central America, and we're very excited to be working with Finca Palo Blanco again this year. Since 1990, when the farm was purchased by the Ovalle Altuve family, they've been working on transitioning the farm from conventional agriculture to organic. This is a long process that involves recreating the rainforest environment by planting trees and rebuilding the topsoil that has been washed away or otherwise destroyed by the conventional agricultural chemicals that are used in production.

Also since the new ownership, apart from being ecologically and environmentally responsible, they have been simultaneously working towards being more socially responsible. For example, they are deeply involved in the support of their local school. We're proud to be able to work with them and share this delightful organic crop that they've produced this season.

Ashland, OR

Noble Coffee Roasting

Seven-time Good Food Award winner (and nine-time finalist) Noble Coffee Roasting began, as many successful roasting companies do, in the garage of husband-wife team Jared and Carolyn Rennie, way back in 2007. Named after Jared's grandfather, Noble Duke, within two years Noble Coffee had moved to its current roastery/café location just off 4th street in the quirky, charming town of Ashland Oregon.

"We believe that amazing coffee starts by sourcing the highest quality green coffees from organic farms and cooperatives, continues in the crafting of coffees with great attention upon roasting, and ends in the fine details of brewing. We are fully devoted to this process."

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