Nossa Familia Coffee

Festa Holiday Blend

Dark roasted nuts, chocolate cherries, orange zest.

Notes of dark roasted nuts, chocolate cherries, and orange zest swirl with plum and hints of mulling spices. This coffee is a celebration in a cup, no matter what the holiday. Saúde! (Cheers!)

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Brazil and Nicaragua
Bayardo Reyes

Meet Bayardo Reyes

This bold blend is perfect with Grandma’s fruit cake or Dad’s roast turkey, and sure to help bring that Festa (celebration) spirit to the season. It features dark-roasted coffee from Brazil paired with a light-roasted offering from Bayardo Reyes’ Finca San Jose de las Nubes in Nicaragua. And as if great taste isn’t enough, Festa is a giveback coffee, with $0.50 from each bag sold going to fund a new kitchen and a nutrition project with Food--4-Farmers at Finca San Jose de las Nubes

Since Augusto Carneiro founded Nossa Familia in 2004, his intention has always been to form meaningful relationships and improve lives through coffee. Based on his visit to Finca San Jose in 2014, and some long conversations with Bayardo about where things were at on the farm, they determined that the area needing the most assistance was the farm kitchen. Last year, Nossa Familia donated an initial $1500 and created the Festa Holiday Blend, giving $0.50 per bag that they sold toward the project.

Portland, OR

Nossa Familia Coffee

Frustration and pride may seem like strange bedfellows, but when Brazilian-born Augusto Carvalho Dias Carneiro (bottom left in the team photo) became disillusioned with engineering, his thoughts and heart turned to his family’s award-winning coffee farms in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, where he grew up and his family has grown coffee for over a hundred years.

Nossa Familia, "Our Family" was born in 2004 as a way to share his family coffee with Portland. At first, Nossa partnered with a local Portland roaster and built up a loyal following, then opened their own roastery in 2012 and an Espresso Bar in 2013. Nossa Familia recently became Oregon's first certified B Corp roaster, earning a certification that recognizes the hard work and love that roots this family business.

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