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Colombia Medellín Decaf

Apple, chocolate, pecan.

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12oz / whole bean / free shipping

Decaf coffees have to work harder to impress. Mission possible for this one from the Medellin area. Chocolate, pecan, and apple notes come through for a classic Colombian cup profile: sweet, rich, and nutty. Add creamy body and balanced acidity for a go-to decaf.

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Swiss Water Decaf
Washed Process

Swiss Water Decaf

For amazing coffee without the caffeine or chemicals, the patented Swiss Water Process uses pressure and water temperature to extract 99.9% of the caffeine from coffee beans without leaving harsh flavors or medicinal notes behind.

Decaf coffees will never be better than the beans that go into them and the method used, but that’s no problem here, as Onyx ships their specialty grade offerings to the Swiss Water facility, or sources Swiss Water Processed beans of equal quality through importers, ensuring that a cup of decaf coffee need not be a compromise between flavor and caffeine content.

Antioquia, Colombia

The Antioquia region in the central northwestern part of Colombia is the place where coffee first put down roots, quite literally. But it is not just a birthplace. It grows the most coffee of any other region in Colombia, where both small producers and large estates co-exist. Coffee trees love the volcanic soil and stable climate (year-long temperatures average between 75-80 degrees F.), while the warm valleys temper the cold Andean nights higher up.

As the famous Juan Valdez commercials pointed out, mountain-grown coffee is rich in flavor (coffee ripens slower at this high altitude, resulting in a denser, richer bean), but he failed to mention the steepness of the Andes and the significant physical difficulty of tending and then harvesting coffee cherries while clinging to the hillsides. But the farmers are willing to do just that to bring their coffees to our cups, and for this we are very thankful.

Springdale, AR

Onyx Coffee Lab

Lest the myth perpetuate that specialty coffee does not come from Arkansas, Onyx Coffee Lab is blowing that particular urban legend out of the water while creating a few of their own. Husband-wife owners Jon and Andrea Allen have rapidly taken the coffee world by storm with their combination of art and science.

The magic starts with sourcing, with countless small sample batches from coffee importers and with direct visits to farms around the world. "I know direct trade means a lot of different things to different people, but for us if we don’t put money in the producers hands we won’t call it direct trade," says Jon. Once found, the coffees are carefully roasted in twenty-pound or smaller batches, then shared with the three Onyx cafés and over 150 wholesale customers in thirty states.

Clearly Onyx Coffee Lab knows what they're doing: not only were they named Imbibe Magazine's 2016 Coffee Bar of the year, this northwest Arkansas matrix of coffee know-how just cleaned house at the April 2017 U.S. Coffee Championships. Andrea Allen placed second in the Barista Championship, Dylan Siemans won first in Brewer's Cup, and roaster Mark Michaelson place first in the Roaster Championship!

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    Colombia Medellín Decaf

    Apple, chocolate, pecan.


    $19.50 / 12oz

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    Ethiopia Bensa Shantawene

    Peach, cream soda, kiwi.

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    Guatemala Finca Isnul 2018

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    Ethiopia Chelbesa

    Vanilla, bergamot, fresh berries.

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    Colombia Aponte Village 2018 Harvest

    Honey, cherry, fig.

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    Kenya Gichathaini Peaberry

    Pomegranate, panela, nectarine.

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    Kenya Kiunyu OT-18

    Blackberry, brown sugar, peach.

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    Kenya Gachatha OT-18

    White grape, sugar cane, tamarind.

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    Guatemala El Olvido

    Black cherry, almond, apple.

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  10. Light

    Ethiopia Banko Gotiti

    Honeysuckle, black currant, Earl Grey.

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  11. Light

    El Salvador Finca Santa Rosa Honey

    Apple nectar, maple, cranberry.

    $22.50 / 12oz

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  12. Light

    El Salvador Finca Santa Rosa

    Blood orange, red apple, chocolate.

    $22 / 12oz

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  13. Light

    Colombia Jesus Muñoz 2018

    Peach, panela, red apple.

    $20.50 / 12oz

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  14. Medium/Dark

    Krampus Holiday Origin 2018

    Burnt sugar, black currant, dark chocolate.

    $20.25 / 12oz

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  15. Medium/Dark

    Framily Holiday Origin 2018

    Fresh berries, Earl Grey, dark chocolate.

    $19.50 / 12oz

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