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Syrupy sweetness welcomes vibrant flavors reminiscent of orange marmalade's sparkling acidity joined by ripe, juicy pomegranate. Brown sugar and maple syrup sweetness round off the cup. Shines with or without milk!

Medium Roast

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About the Producers

To realize their vision for Bedford Blend, Partners combines two of their favorite relationships from a couple of the prime producing countries in the world—the San Antonio township collection station in Huila region of Colombia, and a small-scale farming community in Ethiopia, Guji zone, specifically in Shakiso. The twice-yearly harvest from the San Antonio growers ensures perpetually fresh lots of bright, sparkling acidity, excellent cup clarity, and rich citrus fruit flavors. The big berry and peach flavors from Shakiso bring depth of flavor, engaging complexity, and a syrupy roundness.

These two components are carefully workshopped throughout each lot’s lifespan, and reassessed with each harvest to ensure that the most on-profile lots are selected to fill this beloved, iconic blend. Conceptualized around a flavor profile equally delicious in milk as alone, Bedford Blend is Partner's flagship coffee for espresso preparation.


Our coffee expert Aubrey Mills 6+ years experience as Coffee Taster, Wholesale Director, barista and Coffee Quality Director.
Aubrey Mills is steeped in coffee. Not literally, of course, but since 2013, she’s been preparing and tasting coffee for a career. Initially as a barista at the Portland, OR Insomnia Coffee and Dapper & Wise, her job was to stay on top of quality and help customers find coffees they were excited about. This involved tasting all the coffees they’d be serving that day, dialing in espresso or approve a drip recipe. She soon became Director of Wholesale at Dapper & Wise, where she regularly cupped at quality control cuppings with the team, hosted cuppings for the public and trained wholesale partners on proper coffee preparation. In the role of helping to maintain Dapper & Wise’s menu of diverse flavor profiles, roast levels and processing methods, Aubrey also visited coffee producing countries. She says, “Traveling to origin and experiencing the beginning of the coffee journey has given me greater perspective for how many variables can impact flavor in the final cup.” Along with her on-point palate and killer coffee know-how, Aubrey brings creativity, sparkle and grace to everything she does, actively looking for opportunities to showcase the value of specialty coffee and address sustainability issues in the industry.
had this to say:

"This coffee has the aroma of chocolate pie and warm leather. Incredibly sweet with a delayed acidity like fig butter and orange zest, which pairs well with its syrupy body. The finish is round and comforting much like cream soda. Overall, the Bedford Espresso Blend is incredibly enjoyable to drink black and would pair wonderfully with milk."

Cream + Sugar - 4
Flavor - 1
Body - 2
Acidity - 3
Adventurousness - 2

Brooklyn, NY

Partners Coffee

In April 2019, Toby's Estate Coffee became Partners Coffee. Founded in 2012, their incredibly passionate team is based out of Brooklyn, New York. As roasters and baristas, they believe that ensuring their trade in coffee has beneficial effects for everyone involved, from the farm to the cafe. Throughout the year, their green coffee buyer travels to origin to meet growers and cooperatives, and chooses the highest quality products from people who respect their land and workers. Partners uses direct farm relationships wherever possible, establishing ones built on trust, traceability, and fair prices.

Their name reflects their collaborative nature and celebrates the many partners they have in the coffee world. Every aspect of Partners is built upon the idea that we are only as great as the sum of our partners.


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