Passion House Coffee

El Zorro Rojo

Mr. Pibb, cotton candy, Necco wafer.

Reminiscent of Necco wafer and cotton candy, this buttery cup launches with peach blossom and apple aromas segueing into syrupy notes of cherry cola and dried prunes. Milk chocolate pairs with mandarin orange acidity and honey sweetness for a dynamic and complex cup.

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Finca El Progreso Tovar
Ricardo Montano Tovar
Washed Process

Meet Ricardo Montano Tovar

Some mind-blowing coffees are coming out of a little known sub-region nestled between Gaitania in Tolima and Inza Cauca of the Huila region, and this unique microlot is one of them. It comes to us courtesy of coffee growing guru, Ricardo Montano Tovar.

On his farm, Finca El Progreso Tovar, Ricardo cultivates a unique blend of Castillo and Caturra trees, and for this special lot he took freshly harvested ripe cherries, dry-fermented them for 18- 24 hours before washing and then dried them to perfection.

Huila, Colombia

In the southwest of Colombia, we find the Huila region, nestled on the flank of the Andes near the Nevado del Huila volcano, second highest peak in Colombia. Consistently garnering awards in Cup of Excellence competitions, coffees from this department (state) are full-bodied, with a syrupy texture, strong fruitiness, and medium to high acidity. Most farmers still de-pulp their coffees with hand-cranked depulpers, but clean execution turns out exemplary beans.

Huila is steeped in farming tradition. Its rich, volcanic soils and lush climate are ideal for many crops including yucca, sugar cane, bananas, cocoa, and beans. And of course—coffee.This region lies relatively close to the equator which means that coffee harvesting here happens almost year round. Rich volcanic soils, lush climate, altitude all combine to make coffee from the Huila district some of the most exquisite in Colombia.

Chicago, IL

Passion House Coffee

Passion House Coffee Roasters and founder Joshua Millman's daughter Bayla were born on the same day, five years ago in Chicago, Illinois. An intentional kind of coffee company with five team members, Passion House has a unique approach to coffee, offering three different types of genres for members to explore. Each has its own merit and offers its own perks. (See what we did there?)

Ambient: This coffee offers subtle complexity that enhances your current state of awareness. It's creamy, delicate, and calm.

Mainstream: This coffee is familiar enough to allow you to relax, yet gives you something unexpected. It's buttery, playful, and balanced.

Experimental: This coffee has a vision all its own and will excite you with its individual expression. It's silky, bright, and vibrant.


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