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Ethiopia Keramo Washed

Raspberry, lavender, champagne.

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12oz / whole bean / free shipping

This coffee comes bearing gifts: raspberry, manuka honey, and champagne along with bouquets of lavender, honeysuckle and fronds of fresh peppermint. It’s bright and sweet with vibrant, sparkling acidity and velvety body. Shines equally as espresso or filtered coffee.

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Keramo Village
Keramo Village
Smallholder producers
Ethiopian Sidamo
Washed Process

Meet Smallholder producers

(Or in this photo, children of said producers). This coffee from the Keramo Village is a special prep lot, selected by screen size. Unlike previous harvests, this year’s cherries were taken to the Bombe washing station nearby. This allowed for Keramo’s lots to be processed individually while retaining their organic certification.

This may seem like a lot of effort to go through, but the proof is in the cup. All of this extra care has resulted in a truly extraordinary washed Ethiopian coffee. In fact, coffees from Keramo have been winning in competitions such as: The Golden Bean Awards, the Good Food awards, and was just used by one of the competitors for the National Barista Championships in Kansas City!

Sidama, Ethiopia

The land of the Sidama people in the SNNPR region is one of the most green and fertile lands on the African continent, and because of that, its people were stable and self-sufficient, an independent nation-state until annexed to Ethiopia in 1891. And a word on the name Sidamo vs Sidama: the Sidama do not refer to themselves as Sidamo. They feel it is a label that represents the the conquest of their independence and the suppression of their identity as a people. They prefer Sidama.

Both washed and unwashed coffees are produced here. The beans are of medium size and green/grey in color. Washed Sidama coffee is particularly appreciated for its round cup, balanced acidity, body, and characteristic flavor, which is sweet in taste and a vital component of many roasters' lists.

Indianapolis, IN
(317) 438-5728

Tinker Coffee Co.

When brothers-in-law Steve Hall and Jeff Johnson founded Tinker Coffee Co., they had a simple plan: bring the specialty coffee scene to their own Indianapolis, Indiana backyard. Combining backgrounds in wine and tech (Jeff worked with IBM for 10 years) with a dedication to sourcing fantastic coffees and sharing the excitement with customers, Steve and Jeff were recently named “Indy’s most innovative roaster" by Indianapolis Monthly, so their hard work is paying off!

Tinker Coffee was founded in 2014 and roasts coffee for a sweet group of restaurants, offices, and markets. Jeff admits to preferring Colombian coffees, and Steve, Kenyas.


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