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Guatemala Santa Isabel Washed

Plum, pineapple, toffee.

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12oz / whole bean / free shipping

In this sweet celebration of coffee-ness, plum, pineapple, and toffee mingle. It's smooth in body with a creamy mouthfeel and elegant, balanced acidity, and a hint of maple syrup in the lingering finish.

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San Cristóbal Verapaz
Finca Santa Isabel
Luis Valdés
Washed Process

Meet Luis Valdés

Finca San Isabel was granted to the Valdés family in 1875 by the president of Guatemala. At one point it passed to a third party, but in 1960, Luis Valdés II, great-grandson of the original owner, bought it back. Then he planted it to coffee. Now he and his son, Luis III, who goes by the name “Wicho,” manage the farm together, often joined by 5-year-old Luis IV, Wincho’s son.

By improving cultivation, processing cherries at their on-site mill, and perfecting drying methods, Don Luis and Wincho are producing coffee that has twice placed in the Cup of Excellence competitions. Wincho has also implemented tactics to battle leaf rust (Roya), and their targeted pruning regime has greatly reduced the severity of rust at Santa Isabel. 40 people work year-round for Don Luis, as well as 500 seasonal employees. Fair wages and earning potential keep them returning year after year.

Cobán, Guatemala

It is said that the Cobán coffee growing region of Guatemala has two seasons: rainy and rainier. In fact, the name Cobán comes from the Maya Keckchi word meaning “place of clouds. It is literally a rainforest: cloudy, cool, with only a few sunlight hours per day. From May to December, heavy rains prevail. The other months, the region is engulfed in “chipi –chipi,” a fine, mist frequently drifting down from dense clouds.
While the high altitudes, limestone and clay soil, and microclimate courtesy of the Atlantic Ocean create a growing environment that coffee trees love, drying the harvested beans in a rainforest environment is a constant challenge. If the beans retain too much moisture, they tend to sour or mold. Farmers in this region must go to great lengths to produce the fragrant, intense coffees that are drawing attention on cupping tables and at Cup of Excellence contests.

Indianapolis, IN
(317) 438-5728

Tinker Coffee Co.

When brothers-in-law Steve Hall and Jeff Johnson founded Tinker Coffee Co., they had a simple plan: bring the specialty coffee scene to their own Indianapolis, Indiana backyard. Combining backgrounds in wine and tech (Jeff worked with IBM for 10 years) with a dedication to sourcing fantastic coffees and sharing the excitement with customers, Steve and Jeff were recently named “Indy’s most innovative roaster" by Indianapolis Monthly, so their hard work is paying off!

Tinker Coffee was founded in 2014 and roasts coffee for a sweet group of restaurants, offices, and markets. Jeff admits to preferring Colombian coffees, and Steve, Kenyas.


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