Tinker Coffee Co.

Yirgacheffe Gorbota

Grape, tangerine, raspberry candy.

Packed with flavor, this coffee launches with aromas of jasmine, vanilla, and raspberry jam before leaping into rich grape, caramel, and raspberry candy. Velvety, complex, it is fruit forward, with fig, florals, and wine in the cup, and a bright, sweet tangerine finish.

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Gedeo Zone, Yirgacheffe
Smallholder producers
Ethiopian Heirloom
Natural Process

Meet Smallholder producers

In the Gedeo zone of the famed Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia, there is a little village by the name of Gorbota (alternately spelled “Garbota”). Here the red brown soil is rich in nutrients that coffee plants love. In the surrounding hills, smallholder farmers tend their trees under the shade of Wanza, Birbirra, and Acacia trees, and when harvest begins (November to January), they bring their ripe cherries down out of the mountains to Gorbota.

This coffee, a natural-processed lot, spent 15-21 days on raised drying beds “in the cherry,” building the classic Yirgacheffe flavor profile. Workers methodically turn the drying coffee to promote even drying, and once the cherries reach the correct moisture content, the outer fruit is removed to leave the flavor-packed beans ready for washing and shipping to Yirgacheffe. There the coffee undergoes a final milling and is ready for export.

Gedeo Zone, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

The Gedeo zone in the southwest of Ethiopia, is the homeland of the Gedeo people. Lying about 369 long kilometers from Addis Ababa on dusty and often difficult roads, this zone occupies a narrow strip of the Ethiopian highlands on the Eastern Escarpment and includes the town of Yirgacheffe itself. Gedeo is bordered by Sidama on the north, and encircled on the other three sides by the Oromia region.

In Gedeo, Yirgacheffe, approximately 25,000 local coffee smallholders bring their cherries to washing stations for processing. Inter-tribal conflicts in late 2016 resulted in extensive property damage through fire and vandalism, with many key mills rendered inoperative. Furthermore, a rare late frost damaged thousands of hectares of coffee. Resilient and hopeful, the Gedeo people are forging ahead, producing natural coffees while working to repair washing facilities.

Indianapolis, IN
(317) 438-5728

Tinker Coffee Co.

When brothers-in-law Steve Hall and Jeff Johnson founded Tinker Coffee Co., they had a simple plan: bring the specialty coffee scene to their own Indianapolis, Indiana backyard. Combining backgrounds in wine and tech (Jeff worked with IBM for 10 years) with a dedication to sourcing fantastic coffees and sharing the excitement with customers, Steve and Jeff were recently named “Indy’s most innovative roaster" by Indianapolis Monthly, so their hard work is paying off!

Tinker Coffee was founded in 2014 and roasts coffee for a sweet group of restaurants, offices, and markets. Jeff admits to preferring Colombian coffees, and Steve, Kenyas.


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