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Honduras Jose Justino Lopez

Plum, honey, roasted almond.

This sweet, complex coffee offers intense fragrance and aromas of cacao, vanilla, and pear. Fruit forward plum notes and honey team up with roasted almond, spice cake, and a sweet nutty finish. Silky. Balanced. Excellent as espresso and very forgiving of sleepy early morning brewing sessions.

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El Carreton
Finca Jose Justino Lopez
Jose Justino Lopez
Washed Process

Meet Jose Justino Lopez

Jose Justino Lopez’ farm, which bears his name, is located behind his home in El Carreton, Lempira, where his 500 coffee trees drink moisture from the clouds. Jose’s coffee plantings average 8 years in age, and grow in the company of avocado, banana, plantain, mango, peach, and citrus trees, as well as various hardwoods. Unwanted underbrush is cleared by machete!

Upper Left Roasters selected this beautiful coffee while cupping blind through over 100 offered lots on their 2018 sourcing trip to Honduras. This lot from Jose consists of only 304 pounds of green coffee, a micro lot in the truest sense.

Lempira, Honduras

Lempira, “Lord of the Mountains,” was a Lenca chieftain of legendary prowess who united 200 indigenous tribes to resist Spanish conquistadores. Though he was killed in the conflict, and the uprising perished with him, his name lives on in many forms: Honduras’ national currency, the Lempira department, and a variety of coffee tree.

Located in the west of Honduras and sharing their northern and northeastern borders with Copan, Ocotepeque, and Santa Barbara coffee regions, the Lempira region is rugged and isolated. Still home to the Lenca people, Lempira grows some exceptional coffees on those high, remote and tree-covered mountains. Honduran coffees from this region tend to be clean and mild, overall less acidic than other Central American origins, carrying a distinct sweet caramel and undertones of chocolate.

Portland, OR

Upper Left Roasters

When one of the original food entrepreneurs in Portland decided to open a coffee business with his daughter, Jim and Katherine Harris did it right. A true Portland-style neighborhood café, Upper Left opened Autumn 2015 in a beautiful, light-filled space that integrates roasting with daily café operations.

Upper Left has quickly built a strong team of coffee professionals and is forming a reputation for delicious coffees, roasted by Chris Alspach on site. Upper Left offers coffees carefully sourced from around the world, to a broader audience through


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