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This nicely balanced pristine Arabica coffee is is loaded with robust character and pleasant aftertaste. Flavor notes of lime dance with rich raw sugar and chocolate malt with lingering hints of cardamom.

Medium Dark Roast

Roast Level







1,600 - 2,000 m



About Villa Myriam of Colombia

This award-winning Espresso Roast is all about the beans, celebrating our tradition of a sustainable and productive landscape, one that is ideal for cultivating a full-flavored coffee, as well as our ethical treatment of all hands that it takes to get the bean from tree to cup.

Approximately 84 acres of Villa Myriam are planted in coffee trees, with other crops and forestry filling the 150 acres. Owner David Certain says, "Part of being sustainable is to allow for coffee to grow within its natural environment. At Villa Myriam, we do not touch or change the natural landscape of the farm; within our fields you will find natural forests, guaduales, and everything else that would grow naturally in the hills of Piendamo."

Another way the family ensures the farm is sustainable is by creating a loop of practices; it starts with coffee pulp, which is fed to pigs, which then produce waste that is fed to trout, which furnish food for local folks and workers in season. The remainder of the pulp is used for fertilizer. Villa Myriam is stewarded with care and "long vision."


Albuquerque, NM

Villa Myriam

Brothers Juan and David Certain find their roots in the coffee farm started by their grandfather, Joaquin Esteban, near the town of Piendamó. In the 1960’s Joaquin planted coffee on his land in an area where citrus crops were the norm. From that small beginning, Joaquin built, going on to become director of the Colombia Federation of Coffee Growers for the Cauca region. Now one of his sons cultivates more than 100,000 coffee plants on approximately 150 acres.

Juan and David grew up on the family farm, but eventually fled Colombia as political refugees, They settled in New Mexico and are as deeply involved in coffee as they’ve ever been, buying green coffee from their uncle on the family farm, and shipping it to their roasting operation in Albuquerque.

David says,

“Coffee for us is not just a drink. It’s not just a beverage, it's our family. It's our history. It's who we are.”


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