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D. R. Congo Decaf

Dark chocolate, raisin, brown sugar.

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12oz / whole bean / free shipping

This smooth organic decaf is loaded with fragrances of cacao, toffee, and dates. Flavor notes of dark chocolate and raisin pair with tangy apple and brown sugar for a rich, caramelized cup featuring sweet acidity and velvety body.

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DR Congo
Lake Kivu
SOPROCOPIV Cooperative
DRCongo Decaf
1500-2000 m
Washed Process

Meet DRCongo Decaf

Quality decaf is not an oxymoron, and this carbon dioxide processed coffee is solid proof of that. It starts with specialty grade beans from the SOPROCOPIV cooperative, well-known for its system of training farmer members and solving market issues so that production and quality continue to rise. They are now certified UTZ and Organic, both

This particular decaffeination process uses compressed carbon dioxide, water and charcoal filtering technology. Caffeine is attracted to the CO2, but the flavor components of the beans are left intact as the caffeine exits. Because this is a chemical-free process, all byproducts are natural and therefore recyclable. Definitely a win-win-win coffee—organic, sustainably produced, and tasty

Lake Kivu, Congo, the Democratic Republic of the

In Africa’s Great Rift Valley on the shores of Lake Kivu, little coffee farms cling to the southern slopes. The local varieties of heirloom Bourbon coffee plants offer complex, savory-sweet aromas and flavors along with moderate yet vibrant acidity and syrupy mouthfeel that specialty coffee buyers are coming to expect from this region.

At one time, the Lake Kivu region was a major exporter of coffee. But when ethnic conflict broke out in the 1990s, millions of people were killed or displaced, and the country’s coffee export plummeted. Unable to sell their coffees locally, many in this region smuggled their beans onto boats, crossing Lake Kivu in the dark of night to sell them in Rwanda, because what little they could get across the border was better than nothing. Thankfully, this situation is changing, and more and more coffee growers are gaining access to the coffee value chain that will bring them economic stability.

Eugene, OR

Voyage Coffee Roasters

Voyage Coffee Roasters was birthed in beautiful Eugene, Oregon, in 2012 when Scott Van Den Elzen decided to take his home roasting hobby to the Willamette Valley and his daughter, Jessamyn, decided to join him. Four years later, they are still going strong, and the rest of the family—Gabriel, Peace, Ryland and Alyssa—pitch in with packaging, deliveries, sales, ideas, and anything else that needs doing!

Roast Master Scott focuses on small batches of outstanding coffees roasted on the dark side, both blends and single origins. He's so committed to bringing his family's enjoyment of coffee to each of his customers that Voyage offers both a medium and a dark roast of each coffee.

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