Voyage Coffee Roasters

Holiday Blend

Dark chocolate, orange rind, butter pecan.

This rich blend features a whole host of holiday fragrances and flavors as toasted caramel and vanilla aromas lead into a velvety dark chocolate base with orange zest notes. Buttery toffee, roasted pecans, and a hint of pumpkin pie with whipped cream round out the cup. Sweet. Caramelized. Balanced.

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Holiday Blend

Meet Holiday Blend

At Voyage, coffee is a family experience and crafting their seasonal blends is no exception. From conception to cupping, writing tasting notes to designing a special gold label, the whole family works together to create a blend that captures the spirit of the season. For 2018, they’ve combined the caramelized sugar of a Zambian coffee with nuttiness and orange rind from a Brazil, plus a bit of a Honduras’ velvety chocolate smoothness. These three coffees come together into a rich blend that brings to mind favorite holiday treats like chocolate oranges and English toffee.

Whether fueling up to face crowded shopping centers, caroling with friends and family, or curling up by the fire with a mug in hand, this coffee has the bases covered. Whatever the celebration, Voyage’s 2018 Holiday Blend can bring a little extra warmth to the holiday gatherings this season.

Eugene, OR

Voyage Coffee Roasters

Voyage Coffee Roasters was birthed in beautiful Eugene, Oregon, in 2012 when Scott Van Den Elzen decided to take his home roasting hobby to the Willamette Valley and his daughter, Jessamyn, decided to join him. Four years later, they are still going strong, and the rest of the family—Gabriel, Peace, Ryland and Alyssa—pitch in with packaging, deliveries, sales, ideas, and anything else that needs doing!

Roast Master Scott focuses on small batches of outstanding coffees roasted on the dark side, both blends and single origins. He's so committed to bringing his family's enjoyment of coffee to each of his customers that Voyage offers both a medium and a dark roast of each coffee.


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