The Guatemalan coffee grading system defines the Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) grade to include “coffee beans grown at elevations higher than 4,500 feet (1350 meters) above sea level, while the Hard Bean (HB) grade includes coffee beans grown between 4,000 feet and 5,000 feet (1300-1500 meters) above sea level.” The higher the elevation, the slower the growth and ripening, thus the denser the bean, rendering it of higher quality.

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The Best Guatemala Coffees

  1. Light

    Guatemala La Folie

    Green apple, fruit punch, white grape.

    $20.75 / 12oz

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  2. Medium

    Guatemala San Marcos

    Cocoa, caramel, vanilla.

    $18 / 12oz

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  3. Medium

    Guatemala Augusta’s Organic

    Apple, caramel, walnut.

    $18.75 / 12oz

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  4. Dark

    Guatemala Camila’s Organic

    Cocoa powder, almond skin, tobacco.

    $18.75 / 12oz

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  5. Medium/Dark

    Guatemala Luz de la Noche, Waykan

    Roasted almond, bit-o-honey candy, molasses.

    $18.50 / 12oz

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  6. Medium/Dark

    Guatemala Playa Grande

    Chocolate, almond, cream.

    $18.50 / 12oz

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