Seattle, WA

Ladro Roasting

Now a Seattle coffee institution, Caffe Ladro opened our first location on Upper Queen Anne in 1994. When we opened up nextdoor to Starbucks, we intended to win over their customers with the best staff and coffee we could find- hence our name, and iconic mascot - Caffe Ladro - the Coffee Thief.

As our retail operations continued to grow, In 2010, we launched Ladro Roasting. This division of the company sources green coffees through close relationships with coffee farmers and millers around the world.Knowing that better components yield a better end result, and we always strive to bring youthe best coffee the world has to offer. Our Classic Blends bring these excellent parts together, in aroast profile that shows each coffee’s tastiest attributes- creating a flavor arc unique to each blend, and singular to Ladro.

We rotate a variety of seasonal Single Origin coffees through our menu all year. In a process that takes months of scouting, testing, and retesting, we find coffees with exciting flavors that highlight the specific place each coffee is grown.

While working our hardest to deliver the highest level coffee experience, doing so with profound care is our driving goal.

Coffees from Ladro Roasting