Lancaster, PA


“To seek out and thoughtfully present the world’s most memorable coffees and teas in a way that demonstrates the viability of an equitable supply chain.” Passenger’s mission statement has taken them to the edges of the coffee universe in more ways than one. Since their 2014 launch in Lancaster, PA, they’ve pioneered deep-freezing green coffee stores to ensure flavor stability throughout the year, become BCorp Certified and named Pennsylvania’s best coffee by Food and Wine online in 2018 and 2019. Along the way, they’ve found that coffee and relationships have a lot in common. Both take time to foster. Both take a lot of care and attention to the details. Both reveal the joys of discovery, learning, and sharing.

“We love the way coffee brings people together and we feel completely honored to have a small part in that.”

Passenger was initially established as a wholesale coffee roasting company serving their local community and nearby cities, but has grown to include two coffee bars and partner cafes across North America and internationally. They endeavor to highlight not just the uniqueness of different coffees, but also the time and place in which they were created. By doing so, they hope to create a demand for these coffees resulting in an increase for the farmers that grew them. This way Passenger can play their part in crafting an equitable supply chain, one in which every person in that chain not only makes a livable wage, but a thriving wage.

Coffees from Passenger