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Panama Mama Cata Toña

Starfruit, clover honey, Swiss chocolate.

Aromas of ginger pair with candied apple and vanilla. In the cup, notes of candied starfruit, toffee, and chamomile laced with clover honey swirl. Juicy, caramelized body. Sweet acidity reminiscent of Rainier cherries. Look for lingering Swiss chocolate notes in the finish.

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Boquete, Chiriqui
Mama Cata Toña Estate
José David Garrido Pérez
Washed Process

Meet José David Garrido Pérez

In the early days of coffee farming, Mama Cata Toña Estate was part of a larger farm. Before Panama was even a country Mama Cata had its own currency, called Texas. Early stories include neighbors exchanging shots on a daily basis, referred to as the Tea Time Shootings.

These days the excitement at Mama Cata Toña is in the innovative and careful production of specialty coffee by current owner, José David Garrido Pérez. Long before the flavorful Geisha variety was “discovered” by the specialty coffee world, it was growing at Mama Cata, and their coffees have consistently placed in the Best of Panama competitions. Unlike many traditional farms, Mama Cata’s lots are defined using GPS coordinates. Through the data derived from this technology, the family acquires information about the variety, soil composition, health and production of each coffee tree, enabling them to respond effectively to variables that might inhibit the quality of their coffees.

Boquete, Panama

It’s a little known fact, but one of the world’s most sought-after, and expensive coffees
come from the Boquete area of Panama: Geisha coffee. $130.00 for a pound of green coffee? That’s how much a certain Geisha variety from the Chiriqui region brought in one auction, and while most don’t bring that much, coffee from this area has helped put Boquetei coffee on the map the world over. Described as “explosively floral” by the SCAA, this descriptors seem especially fitting since the Chiriqui Highlands area is sometimes referred to as “Valley of Flowers and Eternal Spring.”

Part of the Talamanca Mountain Range, the region is a place of incredible biodiversity where moisture, soil, and altitude create microclimates where coffee thrives. It is home to the largest active volcano in Central America, Volcán Barú, sometimes called Chiriqui. From the summit of the volcano, on a clear day, both Atlantic and Pacific Oceans can be seen.

Topeka, KS

PT's Coffee Roasting Co.

Topeka Kansas, 1993: an unlikely place and time for one of the most groundbreaking Direct Trade coffee companies in the world to be founded, but that's just what Fred Polzin and Jeff Taylor did. PT's Coffee Roasting Co.'s slogan is, "Without the love, it's just coffee.", and they certainly live up to it. (In fact, Jeff married a Colombian coffee pro, Maritza, now Director of Quality Control for PT's).

PT's Coffee Roasting Co. has won many awards, including Roast Magazine's 2009 "Roaster of the Year" and a 2012 Good Food Award medal. Building on a history so solid, PT's is pushing into the future of the coffee industry with promise and momentum.


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