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The Company

Why aren't you on social media?

We saw some of the real dangers of using social media. We discussed as a team the idea of leaving social media both personally and as a company. Before solidifying the choice we put it to our customers in the form of a survey. We were amazed that over 90% said they have either thought about leaving social media or already quit! So we decided to leave it and instead focus our efforts on taking better care of our customers.

How can I win free coffee?

We give away free coffee to our customers every week by means of our newsletter. Create an account to join our newsletter today!

What makes you different from Trade, Bean Box, Driftaway or Mistobox?

We love our competitors. Anyone spreading the word about drinking more sustainable and ethically sourced coffees is a friend of ours. What makes us special is our small, family like team. Our hyper focus on taking care of our customers. Our very real, non corporate approach to doing business. We only work with small, independently owned coffee roasters. We try to partner with lesser known roasters that are doing truly special things. We try to offer the most control to our users. For instance, Mistobox offers tiered subscription pricing which lends to a lot of rounding up. But on Crema you pay for each bag as it is shipped and you pay the very lowest price with free shipping whether you have a subscription or not. When we offer discounts it’s because we lower our costs, not because we pressure small roasters into cutting their costs like some subscription services. In short… We love coffee. We love our roasting partners. And, we love you.

The Coffee

Are the coffees roasted fresh? Who roasts them?

The beauty of Crema.co: coffees are always roasted to order by some of the best micro-roasters around the country, meaning they arrive at your doorstep just a few days after being roasted.

Is the coffee ground already, or whole bean?

You have the option to choose which grind you want for each coffee. The options are:

  • Whole Bean: The best way to enjoy coffee is to grind it fresh at home!
  • Coarse Ground: A heavier grind meant for French Press or a Chemex.
  • Medium Ground: A middle of the road grind meant for drip coffee or pour over methods like the Hario V60.
  • Fine Ground: A very light grind meant for espresso.

What coffee machines will this coffee work with?

Pretty much all of them, whether that’s a french press, aeropress, espresso, pour over, or Mr. Coffee. (We don’t do capsules or pods, though, so no Nespresso or Keurig machines.)

What size are the bags of coffee?

Our coffees come in 10oz, 12oz and 5lb. You can see the size on each coffee and choose which size you’re interested in. We also offer a selection of Coffee Flights which include multiple sample size bags of different coffee in either 2.5oz or 4oz bags.

Are your coffees certified Fair Trade or organic?

Some certainly are. But Crema.co goes a step further: every one of our coffees, whether single origin or a blend, are from roasters who are committed to ethical relations throughout the coffee supply chain, and we spend way too much time researching the impact of your purchases on the farmers we are so proud to promote. By buying coffees through Crema.co, you are part of the solution to ensure coffee growers are able to flourish.

The Subscription

Is Crema.co a monthly coffee subscription?

Only if you want. We’re a monthly, 5-day, 2-week, choose-your-own-frequency kind of coffee subscription, and you can change the frequency at any time.

Can I set it and forget it?

Absolutely! By clicking Get Started, you’ll complete an in-depth coffee quiz. We take your answers and compile true coffee matches. As you order, taste and rate coffees, our algorithm will get smarter and smarter so we can make better suggestions. You can adjust your subscription setting like frequency any time. Also you can review and adjust your answers in your brew log any time.

Can the subscription be paused?

You bet. You can easily pause your Coffee Brew Queue at any time, for as long as you want.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is always free within the United States. Many coffee subscription sites advertise their costs without shipping fees. By the time you add shipping it’s quite a bit more expensive. On Crema.co we only display complete process and shipping is always free!

Do you ship internationally?

Not just yet—stay tuned.

How much does each coffee cost?

Usually, a 10-12oz bag ranges from $15-22. Keep in mind that the roasters we partner with are actively making sure that the Farmers or Producers actually growing the coffee are treated fairly and paid well. This plus the fact that these are high quality beans, roasted to perfection equals a slightly higher cost. But you can rest assured your money is being spent in an ethical, sustainable and delicious way!

Are my credit card and personal information safe?

We use industry-standard Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption technology to safeguard your data, and your credit card and billing address information is securely transmitted to Stripe, the leading payment processor, and are never stored, collected or even processed by our servers. You can find further details in our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

How do I rate the coffees?

After a coffee has been delivered, just go to the “Orders & Ratings” page in your top right menu. From there you can view your orders and rate them accordingly! The more you rate, the more we learn what it is you look for in the perfect cup of coffee.


Can I gift to a group of people?

Yes! We built a super easy way to quickly give to a team or family in 1 click! On the gifting page, just enter the amount you want to give to each person and select the “Give to a team” option. Then add each person’s name and email. Then send them all a custom message. You’ll have one quick and easy checkout for up to 10 friends at a time!

Do I pick the coffees, or does the recipient get to choose?

Your loved one chooses. They’ll receive an email with a link to sign up and use the amount you gifted them.

When will they get their first box?

Once they receive the email and create an account, they’ll get to pick out coffees and activate their subscription. They will have full control of how much they get and when they get it.

Will they get a gift certificate in the mail?

No. They will get a snazzy email from us sharing your personalized message and clueing them in to the magical gift they just received. No snail mail necessary.

Will anything be shipped to me?

Nope. All digital, baby!

Will my credit card keep getting charged after the gift is used up?

Now why would we do that? Seriously though, once the gift is used up, it’s gone! They will have the option to add their own billing info if they wish to continue.

What does the send to friend button do?

This is a super innovative and easy way to quickly send a coffee you love to your friends. Just click the button, enter their info, enter your custom message and away it goes! Your friend will receive the fresh-roasted coffee at their door in a few days with your custom message printed on the package!

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