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Colombia El Obraje

Brown sugar, coconut, blood orange.

The perfect fall coffee companion, first sips warm the soul with brown sugar sweetness. Next comes a smooth complexity of coconut and deep blood orange mulled with hibiscus and lemon, served up with a velvety texture that tantalizes the senses and begs for another cup.

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Finca El Obraje
Pablo Andres Guerrero
Washed Process

Meet Pablo Andres Guerrero

Coffee didn’t always grow near the city of Pasto in Colombia. In fact, the area was more about bean and wheat production. Then came Mr. Pablo Andres Guerrero. The market for wheat and beans was faltering, but Pablo saw that as an opportunity to explore coffee growing. The elevation at Finca El Obraje was high, yes, but Pablo counted the cost and turned his apple orchard into coffee land, becoming the first to introduce coffee growing to the Tangua area.

Thankfully, his calculated risk paid off, and his coffee business flourished. With a background in architecture, Pablo approaches coffee with passion and pragmatism, aiming for long-term farm health and production. With such a great example and exemplary coffees, other farmers in his area have begun growing coffee as well.

Nariño , Colombia

It has been said, “The heart of Colombian coffee sits in the mountains of Nariño.” In fact, Nariño is the first coffee region in Colombia to earn recognition as as a regional denomination of origin. According to the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation, Origin Status Denominations mark agricultural products whose qualities are associated with their place of origin. The CCGF states, “Besides natural features like climate and soil conditions, denominations of origin also involve human, cultural and traditional attributes which are reflected on the development and harvesting processes of the product.” Nariño coffees are known for their intense aroma, high acidity and sweetness.

Here farms are small, and families have been growing coffee for generations. Since the area is so large, infrastructure minimal, and the crop cycle extended, most growers wash, ferment, and dry their own coffees, taking them to be sorted and graded once they have large enough lots.

Truckee, CA

Drink Coffee Do Stuff

DRINK COFFEE DO STUFF is a specialty coffee roastery in Truckee, CA, conceived at 12,000 ft on the Saas-Fee glacier of the Swiss Alps. The vision for DCDS is rooted in the professional snowboarding career of founder Nick Visconti, who traveled the world crushing the snowboarding circuit and drinking coffee from Switzerland to Patagonia. This roving lifestyle birthed an intentional roasting company centered on the intersection of extraordinary coffee and extraordinary life.

Founded in 2017 in Visconti's hometown of Truckee, DCDS is distinguished by its focus on 'altitude coffee'—coffee grown on hill and mountain slopes throughout the equatorial zone and roasted at 6000 feet in the Sierra Nevada mountains—which results in a sweeter, more subtle cup. Relationships matter too at DCDS, not just because Visconti marks his friendships in coffee cups and boards, but because they are the foundation of a life lived well.

We all have the ability to live our own versions of an extraordinary life, and 2019 Good Food Award-winner DCDS celebrates this truth. As Visconti says, "We wear our hats backwards, live our lives forwards, and ride our boards downwards!"

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