Folly Coffee

Colombia S.O.B. Espresso

Dark chocolate, red berry, orange.

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12oz / whole bean / free shipping

This coffee is a dance between dark roast and light, featuring chocolate, red berries, and a balanced orange citrus finish. Alone or with milk, espresso or brewed, it’s a flavor extravaganza sure to please.

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S.O.B. Espresso
Washed Process

Meet S.O.B. Espresso

For its S.O.B. Espresso, Folly Coffee hunts for beans that have balance enough to create both a great espresso and brewed coffee. Yet in creating a blend, they stay true to their mission of being a single origin roaster. That's where S.O.B. comes in: Single Origin Blend.

Folly takes a single origin coffee like this one from the Cauca region of Colombia, roasts a portion of it to just before second crack for nicely developed deep notes, and roasts the other portion to just after first crack, bringing out bright, clear notes. The results is a truly one of a kind espresso blend that offers some deeper, more traditional dark chocolate, roasty flavors with the brightness and clarity of a light roast espresso shot.

Cauca, Colombia

The Cauca region in the south-western part of the country faces the Pacific Ocean where daily temperatures range from close to 11 degrees centigrade (51 F) by night and 18 degrees centigrade (64 F) by day. These temperature variations alter the rhythm of ripening, giving the coffee the higher acidity levels, distinctive sweet notes, and particular caramelized fragrance for which the region is known.

Here the great Andes mountains split into Cordilleras (parallel mountain ranges): Cordillera Occidental, Cordillera Centro – Oriental, and 70% of Colombia’s safe water springs from these high, cold mountains and brutally rugged terrain. One of these rivers, the Cauca, lends its name to the region.

The people here--descendents of Guambiana(Misak), Páez (Nasa), Yanacona, Coconucos and other first-nation peoples as well as Europeans, are resilient and hard working, and it is their efforts that have made Cauca the rich agricultural region that it is today.

Silver Lake, MN

Folly Coffee

Folly Coffee Roasters is an award-winning roaster with an unpretentious passion for coffee. Founders Rob and Ken met at their local farmers’ market in 2017, built out their space, and launched January 2018. Not only are they already selling their coffees in more than 50 locations throughout the Twin Cities and beyond, through the use of solar and geothermal power, Folly Coffee has a carbon footprint of zero.

Jeff joined the team in April of 2018 and has since taken over as COO in charge of coffee operations. Since then, Folly Coffee has been featured in several publications and was named a 2019 Good Food Award Winner. In addition, Jeff recently placed in the top 14 in the nation as a coffee taster at the 2019 US Coffeechamps Cup Taster’s Competition. Goals at Folly Coffee include introducing as many people as possible to the world of high-end specialty coffee, offering tasting notes that focus on flavor profiles in an accessible way, and doing their part to help create economic sustainability at every step in the coffee supply chain.


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