Folly Coffee

Costa Rica Winer

Milk chocolate, lemon, cherry.

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12oz / whole bean / free shipping

Complex and flavorful, this coffee offers flavor notes of chocolate-dipped cherries with a sprinkling of lemon zest. Sweetly tart, wine-like acidity joins velvety body for an exciting, inviting cup.

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West Valley
Los Robles de Naranjo
Finca Tono
Honey Process

Meet Winer

For Winer, Folly Coffee looks for coffees with a complex acidity. This coffee from Finca Tono in Costa Rica is a perfect example. The Aguilera brothers, owners of Finca Tono, are producing some mighty fine coffees thanks to their focus on quality in growing and processing.

Their care and hard work certainly paid off, as seen in this complex coffee. Winer is a honey processed lot, meaning the ripe cherries are hulled to remove the skins, then spread to dry with the fruity pulp still on the beans. As they dry, the beans absorb this mucilage, imbuing the coffee with a characteristic complex, fruity acidity. For the adventurous coffee drinker as well as fruit and wine lovers. Enjoy!

West Valley, Costa Rica

Coffee production came to Costa Rica as early as 1779. By the early 1800’s, coffee exports surpassed sugar, cacao, and tobacco--Costa Rica central highlands were named the most perfect region in the world for growing Arabica coffee by the National Geographic magazine. In fact, in 1982 the Costa Rican government mandated that all coffee grown in the country must be of the Arabica variety, even though the yield is up to 50% less than Robusta varietals. While this may seem harsh on the surface, it has resulted in an increase of coffee quality which ultimately benefits everyone from farmer to barista.

The West Valley coffee region has been called one of the most complex due to microclimates and the possibility of collecting the ripe cherry during the summer months. Morning sunshine, afternoon rain, volcanic soils and high elevations without frost--coffee growing heaven!

Silver Lake, MN

Folly Coffee

Folly Coffee Roasters is an award-winning roaster with an unpretentious passion for coffee. Founders Rob and Ken met at their local farmers’ market in 2017, built out their space, and launched January 2018. Not only are they already selling their coffees in more than 50 locations throughout the Twin Cities and beyond, through the use of solar and geothermal power, Folly Coffee has a carbon footprint of zero.

Jeff joined the team in April of 2018 and has since taken over as COO in charge of coffee operations. Since then, Folly Coffee has been featured in several publications and was named a 2019 Good Food Award Winner. In addition, Jeff recently placed in the top 14 in the nation as a coffee taster at the 2019 US Coffeechamps Cup Taster’s Competition. Goals at Folly Coffee include introducing as many people as possible to the world of high-end specialty coffee, offering tasting notes that focus on flavor profiles in an accessible way, and doing their part to help create economic sustainability at every step in the coffee supply chain.


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