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This award-winning coffee launches with aromas of baker’s cocoa, caramel, and raisin. In the cup, toasted nuts pirouette with stone fruit, dried mango, and cashews, while maple and almond notes lend their support. It’s balanced, with sweet acidity and velvety, caramelized body.

Medium Roast

About Henry's Blend

Scoring a bronze in the September 2018 Golden Bean Competition, which pits tops roasters from around the world in an all-out run for the medals, Henry’s Blend combines choice coffees Ethiopia, Kenya, Sulawesi, and Colombia. Each are roasted separately to their own optimal flavor development stage, then blended together.

Thanks to such widely diverse origins and varieties of coffee, each with their own unique terroir and characteristics, the bean combo offers a complex flavor profile. Dark and light roast levels combine to give an overall “medium” roast in which flavors don’t fade as the cup progresses. Shine on, Henry’s Blend!

San Francisco, CA

Henry's House of Coffee

Henry Kalebjian’s coffee roasting roots began in Lebanon, where to share coffee is to offer friendship without barriers. Henry’s father owned a bakery there and served coffee, and as the business grew, Henry’s father pulled him out of school to help roast the coffee. Henry moved to the United States in the early 70s and purchased House of Coffee in 1983 in its present location on Noriega Street in the Sunset District of San Francisco. Henry’s son, Hrag, grew up in the business, though unlike his father, he didn’t work in the store when he was 12, preferring to watch cartoons instead. But in 2013, Hrag left his corporate finance position to work on marketing and business development for Henry’s.

“Roasting coffee is not just a business for us, but a part of our lineage,” says Hrag, who hopes his sons will follow in his footsteps. Henry’s House of Coffee specializes in beautiful darker roasts, and 60 years of experience translate into special coffees that feature great flavor and ultra-smooth finish without the bitterness. They also roast Soorj, or Armenian style coffee.


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