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Sweet chocolate aromatics lead into strawberry, milk chocolate and orange flavor notes, wrapping up with a juicy finish. Balanced, intense, and sweet, it’s a sweet, lingering cup.

Medium Roast

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Chiriqui, Panama

About Lamastus Family of Panama

Elida Estate belongs to Klatch’s good friend and producer, Wilford Lamastus. Wilford created this natural processed lot especially for Klatch Coffee. More than half of Elida is located in the Volcán Baru National Park, a protected ecological reserve, sanctuary for exotic plants, birds, and mammals including the tropical tiger.

Elida Estate is one of the two highest coffee farms in Panama. Rich, volcanic soil coupled with a cool climate creates stellar coffees. In addition, Wilford’s coffee trees are surrounded by virgin-native cloudy rain forest. Because the nights are so chilly, coffee trees take 2 to 3 years longer than the average before they begin to produce, and coffee cherries take longer to ripen, resulting in a denser, more flavorful bean.

Chiriqui, Panama

Rancho Cucamonga, CA


Klatch \ˈklach, ˈkläch\ --People getting together to share life, especially over coffee.

And that’s what Klatch Coffee has been about since owner Mike Perry decided to follow his passion for quality coffee. While in college, he asked himself, "Why not bring together the charm and comfort of a traditional coffeehouse and serve world class specialty coffees?" And so he did. In 1993, he and his wife, Cindy, opened their first location in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, called it Coffee Klatch (later changed to the present name, Klatch Coffee), and began searching the world for the cream of the coffee crops, and small-batch roasting that top 1% of specialty beans to coax the best flavors and aromas from them.

Now, with five locations (plus their roastery) in Southern California as well as a shop in LAX United Terminal, Mike and his family and their dedicated team have built on that foundation of being a place where people love to linger over truly special coffee. Meanwhile, they’re making history one award at a time. A few of these include:

Prestigious Golden Bean Awards
Only espresso ever awarded "Best Espresso in the World" at the World Barista Championships (2007)
U.S Brewers’ Cup Champion
Good Food awards winner

Mike says, “Our commitment to honest business practices means we build trust and loyalty with the farmers we work with. All of this is accomplished through a Direct Trade model and a simple handshake.”

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