One Village Coffee

Ethiopia Kochere

Lemon, peach, black tea.

This zero-defect offering carries a trainload of focused flavors. Peach is the standout here, with lemon and a hint of black tea supporting. It’s citrusy, complex, with a bright mouthfeel and lingering sweetness.

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Kochere, Gedeo Zone
Smallholder producers
Ethiopian Heirloom
Washed Process

Meet Smallholder producers

In the Kochere area, smallholders grow coffee in their backyards and fields on heirloom varietals of Arabica origin. By one count, there are approximately 4000 different strains, creating a complex coffee made even more outstanding by the immaculate processing labeled YirgZ (zero defect). Approximately 1500 farmers bring their cherries to a private washing station owned by Masrshu Sima where they are taken through the stringent process that will earn the YirgZ stamp. This label is a trademark of Keffa Coffee, importers of quality Ethiopian beans.

Keffa is committed to helping support and sustain the people behind their premium coffee beans. Beyond selecting only ripe cherries, beyond screening for size, Keffa employs YirgZ sorters (200 or more women) to triple sort the bean, and pays them twice the average wage. This enables the women to send their children to school and gives families opportunity for a higher quality of life.

Kochere, Ethiopia

The Kochere woreda (district) is found in the Gedeo zone. Here the high altitudes and loamy iron-rich acidic soil give rise to a bright, floral profile ranked as one of the best of southern Ethiopian coffees--strong fruit tea notes along with crisp apple and stone fruit. 15 washing stations service the approximately 25,000 local coffee smallholders there.

The air in the growing regions of Ethiopia is heavy with the scent of coffee flowers--like jasmine and orange flowers, and yet not at all like. Coffee’s origin is shrouded in mystery but is believed to have begun in Ethiopia, where heirloom varieties still grow wild beside the road. As the story goes, a drowsy goat herder named Kaldi noticed his goats were perkier after nibbling on the coffee trees, and tried the cherry for himself. Caffeine was discovered, and coffee’s epic began.

Souderton, PA

One Village Coffee

One Village Coffee was born of an encounter. That may sound a bit dramatic, but when owners Steve and Lois Hackman traveled to Africa and Honduras in the early 2000’s, what they saw captivated their hearts: a community of people working together to better themselves and those around them. “Coffee, which is deeply tied to the earth and has amazing powers to connect people, quickly became a way for us to create our own village.” And in 2007 they did exactly that. First in the Hackman’s basement in small-town Souderton, Pennsylvania, where they roasted coffee on a 5-pound roaster, then in their garage. When they outgrew the garage in 2009, they moved down the road a couple of miles to their current facility.

“Our mission since 2007 has been to connect growers, roasters, and coffee drinkers through our quality coffee and commitment to stewardship. We recognize that One Village Coffee would not exist without the people that drink our coffee, and the people that grow it. We want to honor the farmers and the whole supply chain by roasting the most delicious coffee we can.”

A family business, One Village Coffee’s ten-person team is approachable and humble. Whether they’re helping Honduran farmers build beehives, teaching coffee folk everything from brewing methods to cafe design, or giving back to their local community by providing 100,000 homeless Philadelphians with coffee every year, they create community, one cup at a time.

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