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Peru Renato Moreto Córdova

Honey, dark chocolate, tangerine.

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12oz / whole bean / free shipping

This fragrant and approachable cup of coffee channels honey and dates, dark chocolate and tangerine. Sweet acidity and velvety body reminiscent of marshmallow and cream dances with hints of honeyed graham cracker and cacao nibs.

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Finca La Diamante
Renato Moreto Córdova
Washed Process

Meet Renato Moreto Córdova

Finca La Diamante belongs to Renato Moreto Córdova. He’s been producing coffee there for a several years now, and his attention to detail in cultivation and processing is producing some exciting coffees like this lot from Onyx Coffee Lab. He uses parabolic dryers to shorten drying times and to increase consistency in the fickle weather of this region.

The San Ignacio Province is one of the newer districts in the Cajamarca region, one where relationships between co-ops and key importers is helping to develop coffee projects and empower farmers across the country of Peru. Bourbon, Caturra and Mundo Nova coffee varieties are hardy enough to deal with the soaring elevations and offer exception cup qualities.

Cajamarca, Peru

High in the mists of the Northern Andes of Peru lies the Cajamarca region. Here the ancient Inca people ruled for centuries, and their descendants still possess gold, though not of the type which their last ruler, Atahualpa, once gave as his ransom. Coffees from here have been called “Cajamarca Gold.” The people are proud of their heritage and of their coffee, and work very hard to produce specialty quality beans.

Many towns in the Cajamarca region can be accessed only by gravel roads, which rains can render impassable. Electricity is not a given, nor is a telephone system readily available or reliable. Schooling and medical service, too, lags behind, but as coffee producers work with each other and their cooperatives, they are making improvements to their lives and communities.

Springdale, AR

Onyx Coffee Lab

Lest the myth perpetuate that specialty coffee does not come from Arkansas, Onyx Coffee Lab is blowing that particular urban legend out of the water while creating a few of their own. Husband-wife owners Jon and Andrea Allen have rapidly taken the coffee world by storm with their combination of art and science.

The magic starts with sourcing, with countless small sample batches from coffee importers and with direct visits to farms around the world. "I know direct trade means a lot of different things to different people, but for us if we don’t put money in the producers hands we won’t call it direct trade," says Jon. Once found, the coffees are carefully roasted in twenty-pound or smaller batches, then shared with the three Onyx cafés and over 150 wholesale customers in thirty states.

Clearly Onyx Coffee Lab knows what they're doing: not only were they named Imbibe Magazine's 2016 Coffee Bar of the year, this northwest Arkansas matrix of coffee know-how not only cleaned house at the April 2017 U.S. Coffee Championships, Andrea Allen placed second in the Barista Championship both 2017 and 2018, Dylan Siemans won first in Brewer's Cup 2017, and roaster Mark Michaelson took place first in the Roaster Championship, 2017 and 3rd in 2018. Already in 2019, Onyx has garnered a Good Food Award, and was chosen by Architectural Digest as Arkansas' most beautiful coffee shop.

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