Passion House Coffee

Chicago House Blend

Milk chocolate, lemon zest, almond.

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12oz / whole bean / free shipping

Sitting in the middle of the nation, Chicago plays a unique role as a city—Midwestern hospitality with a dose of big city excitement. Chicago House Blend from Passion House seeks to capture the approachability and easygoing nature of their hometown. As an espresso, the Chicago House Blend launches with sweet chocolate. And of course, chocolate is perfect when accompanied by notes of roasted almonds and caramel. Add to that wildflower honey joined by a citrusy acidity on the finish, and voila! A sweet, balanced, jazzy coffee that can stand alone but loses nothing when paired with milk.

While the components change seasonally as each new harvest rolls around, Passion House works hard to maintain their ideal flavor profile—sweet, medium-bodied, with a cleansing acidity on the finish. This blend is approachable and well-balanced, an ode to their great hometown and founder Joshua's background as a house music DJ.

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Chicago, IL

Passion House Coffee

Passion House Coffee Roasters and founder Joshua Millman's daughter Bayla were born on the same day, five years ago in Chicago, Illinois. An intentional kind of coffee company with five team members, Passion House has a unique approach to coffee, offering three different types of genres for members to explore. Each has its own merit and offers its own perks. (See what we did there?)

Ambient: This coffee offers subtle complexity that enhances your current state of awareness. It's creamy, delicate, and calm.

Mainstream: This coffee is familiar enough to allow you to relax, yet gives you something unexpected. It's buttery, playful, and balanced.

Experimental: This coffee has a vision all its own and will excite you with its individual expression. It's silky, bright, and vibrant.


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