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Lucy in the Sky Colombia Huila

Raspberry, cotton candy, strawberry jam.

This complex coffee is loaded with cotton candy sweetness and fruit flavors—raspberry, strawberry, cherry, to name a few. Acidity carries a winey hint, and body is smooth as velvet.

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Alto Cielo
Angelo Eduardo Sosa
Natural Process

Meet Angelo Eduardo Sosa

Alto Cielo, owned, cultivated, and dreamed over by Angelo Eduardo Sosa and his family is 25 acres of land near their community of El Cogollo. Angelo is a self-proclaimed student of coffee, always striving to improve his methods and processes to produce ever-better quality. This particular lot is a unique variety that Angelo planted at Alto Cielo, Tabi. Similar to Typica and Bourbon varieties, Tabi, (“good” in Guambiano language) is also tall with long branches.

Angelo brings his freshly picked cherries to a lower, drier elevation for processing, which gives him more control over the natural-process method used for this lot. When done well, yields a fruity, vibrant coffee

Huila, Colombia

Town: Gigante
In the southwest of Colombia, we find the Huila region, nestled on the flank of the Andes near the Nevado del Huila volcano, second highest peak in Colombia. Consistently garnering awards in Cup of Excellence competitions, coffees from this department (state) are full-bodied, with a syrupy texture, strong fruitiness, and medium to high acidity. San Agustin lies relatively close to the equator which means that coffee harvesting here happens almost year round.

Gods and mythical animals hang out in the mountains of Colombia, stone monuments to a civilization that faded circa 1320 A.D., was rediscovered in the 1800’s, and is now protected by the San Agustin Archaeological Park. The country is rich in all the elements that make it prime coffee-growing territory. Rich volcanic soils, lush climate, altitude all combine to make coffee from the Huila district what Cafe Imports calls “some of the most exquisite in Colombia.”

Chicago, IL

Passion House Coffee

Passion House Coffee Roasters and founder Joshua Millman's daughter Bayla were born on the same day, five years ago in Chicago, Illinois. An intentional kind of coffee company with five team members, Passion House has a unique approach to coffee, offering three different types of genres for members to explore. Each has its own merit and offers its own perks. (See what we did there?)

Ambient: This coffee offers subtle complexity that enhances your current state of awareness. It's creamy, delicate, and calm.

Mainstream: This coffee is familiar enough to allow you to relax, yet gives you something unexpected. It's buttery, playful, and balanced.

Experimental: This coffee has a vision all its own and will excite you with its individual expression. It's silky, bright, and vibrant.


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