Passion House Coffee

Papua New Guinea Sigri Estate Peaberry

Earthy, chocolate, citrus.

Juicy, citric acidity and a deep molasses-like sweetness accompany chocolate and a signature smoky earthiness in this classic rendering of Indonesian coffee. Clean, with citrus notes, this peaberry lot carries pleasing intensity and complexity.

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Papua New Guinea
Wahgi Valley
Sigri Estate
Smallholder producers
Blue Mountain
Washed Process

Meet Smallholder producers

Sigri Estate has been producing coffee since the first heirloom Typica (of Jamaica Blue Mountain origin) and Bourbon seeds were introduced in the 1930s. The estate has had its share of ups and downs, but in the last decade, new owners have undertaken to restoring Sigri’s status as one of the top producers of specialty coffee in Papua New Guinea. At Sigri, they not only grow coffee, but they buy and process coffees from neighboring smallholders.

While upping the game with their own coffees, creating a whole new standard for excellence, Sigri has updated their processing facilities and the schoolhouses for the estate's employees' children as well. They are changing the face of coffee for themselves and the whole area, raising wages and educational opportunity and quality for neighboring farmers.

Waghi Valley, Papua New Guinea

Coffee is a mainstay of the economy in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea. It is grown both on larger plantations and by smallholder farmers, and the Waghi Valley is one of the most heavily cultivated and settled areas in the region. Agriculture is not new to this valley: 30,000 years ago, it was home to people who were among the most advanced socio-political and farming communities on the earth at the time. Those farming methods were passed down the generations, and today descendants still employ them to grow coffee and other crops.

Ca. 1930, Mick Leahy,and Australian, was the first explorer to open the Waghi Valley, finding that the interior of Papua New Guinea was inhabited, a fact that had long been debated. These days, neat villages, well-tended gardens and coffee plantations fill the valley, and the capital city of Mount Hagen is the third largest city in PNG, a busy “wild-west” town bustling with technology and tradition.

Chicago, IL

Passion House Coffee

Passion House Coffee Roasters and founder Joshua Millman's daughter Bayla were born on the same day, five years ago in Chicago, Illinois. An intentional kind of coffee company with five team members, Passion House has a unique approach to coffee, offering three different types of genres for members to explore. Each has its own merit and offers its own perks. (See what we did there?)

Ambient: This coffee offers subtle complexity that enhances your current state of awareness. It's creamy, delicate, and calm.

Mainstream: This coffee is familiar enough to allow you to relax, yet gives you something unexpected. It's buttery, playful, and balanced.

Experimental: This coffee has a vision all its own and will excite you with its individual expression. It's silky, bright, and vibrant.


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