Upper Left Roasters

Peru El Palto

Nectarine, toffee, toasted nuts.

Sometimes when you brew up a mug of coffee, you want comfort in a cup. This Peru El Palto coffee delivers just that, with warming notes of toffee, praline, and malt followed by roasted pecan and nectarine.

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El Palto Cooperative
Smallholder producers
Washed Process

Meet Smallholder producers

In 2003, 35 coffee smallholder farmers decided to combine forces in order to have enough coffee to export. A short 14 years later, Juan Marco El Palto (JUMARP) is 189 members strong and their collective holdings span 549 hectares. Over 20% of the growers are women, and women serve on El Palto’s board of directors as well.

El Palto farmers live in “Selva Alta,” an ecosystem that includes dense, humid forests, so their coffees are organically grown under a the canopy of native forest. All their coffees are also Fair Trade Certified. The mission of the co-op is to consistently produce specialty coffee of the highest quality, bringing reliable income to the families and improved community infrastructures.

Cajamarca, Peru

High in the mists of the Northern Andes of Peru lies the Cajamarca region. Here the ancient Inca people ruled for centuries, and their descendants still possess gold, though not of the type which their last ruler, Atahualpa, once gave as his ransom. Coffees from here have been called “Cajamarca Gold.” The people are proud of their heritage and of their coffee, and work very hard to produce specialty quality beans.

Many towns in the Cajamarca region can be accessed only by gravel roads, which rains can render impassable. Electricity is not a given, nor is a telephone system readily available or reliable. Schooling and medical service, too, lags behind, but as coffee producers work with each other and their cooperatives, they are making improvements to their lives and communities.

Portland, OR

Upper Left Roasters

When one of the original food entrepreneurs in Portland decided to open a coffee business with his daughter, Jim and Katherine Harris did it right. A true Portland-style neighborhood café, Upper Left opened Autumn 2015 in a beautiful, light-filled space that integrates roasting with daily café operations.

Upper Left has quickly built a strong team of coffee professionals and is forming a reputation for delicious coffees, roasted by Chris Alspach on site. Upper Left offers coffees carefully sourced from around the world, to a broader audience through


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