Upper Left Roasters

Colombia Dulima

Dark cocoa, wine, peach.

“It was a dark and stormy night…” A classic line employed by Washington Irving and Snoopy brought to mind by this sweet, caramelized coffee with melodramatic dark cocoa and winey notes. Nectarine and, honey join vanilla and red berries for a clean and comforting cup no matter what weather.

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Smallholder producers
Washed Process

Meet Smallholder producers

When neighbors band together, amazing things can happen—such as this tasty blend of coffees from the misty mountains of Tolima, Colombia. With similar environmental concerns such as moisture, soil composition, and elevation, each producer's individual approach to his or her crops creates tiny variations in flavor that, when combined, results in a nuanced and stable flavor profile. The result? Collaboration in your cup.

Tolima, Colombia

Named after a famous native priestess, Yulima, the Tolima department was created in 1861 from part of what was Cundinamarca. Hugging the western slopes of the Andes mountains north of the Huila district, Tolima boasts snow-covered peaks, deep river valleys, and all terrain in between. Coffee trees love the high hills while rice, sesame and sorghum claim the lower regions.

The high altitudes and rich soil helps put coffee from Tolima on the board for awards: in 2015, the district garnered three of the top four awards for the Colombian Cup of Excellence competition, securing 1st, 3rd, and 4th places.

Transportation in this part of Colombia can be challenging--roads often minimal at best. Also, as one of the last areas of conflict between the government, paramilitary and FARC (people’s Guerilla movement), farmers of the Tolima district have overcome much difficulty as they seek to improve their coffees and their way of life.

Portland, OR

Upper Left Roasters

When one of the original food entrepreneurs in Portland decided to open a coffee business with his daughter, Jim and Katherine Harris did it right. A true Portland-style neighborhood café, Upper Left opened Autumn 2015 in a beautiful, light-filled space that integrates roasting with daily café operations.

Upper Left has quickly built a strong team of coffee professionals and is forming a reputation for delicious coffees, roasted by Chris Alspach on site. Upper Left offers coffees carefully sourced from around the world, to a broader audience through


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