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Guatemala Finca El Rincon

Red plum, raisin, dark chocolate.

Simple and warming, this Guatemalan sweetly balances jasmine and clove notes with cocoa nib and dried cherries. Super clean and fruity, notes of toast and pear play with vanilla and dark chocolate. A balanced cup, it offers a long, sweet finish reminiscent of raspberry chocolates.

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Finca El Rincon
Yolanda Golino
Washed Process

Meet Yolanda Golino

This coffee comes from El Mirador Finca El Rincon in La Libertad, Huehuehtenango, one of the world's premier coffee growing regions and has been managed by the Molina family for over fifty years. It was Robert Molina who first planted bourbon trees on the property in 1968, and since his death in 2011, his wife Yolanda Golindo continues to grow great coffee on their 25 hectares of clay loam. Due to the remoteness of Finca El Rincon, their coffee is washed on site and patio dried.

Yolanda’s producer, Renardo Ovalle, is renowned in the world of specialty coffee, garnering numerous Cup of Excellence prizes and give back to the community, including a kindergarten and school for workers’ children, balanced meals and higher wages than many other areas.

Chiquimula, Guatemala

In many places in the world, coffee grows in volcanic soil. Here in the Huehuetenango region in the western highlands of Guatemala, that is not the case. Located near Cuchumatanes, the highest non-volcanic mountain range in Central America, currents of hot air sweep up from Mexico’s Tehuantepec plain, intercepting the colder air flowing down the mountain and protecting the region from frost. This phenomenon, along with natural shade from the highland jungles, provides the perfect growing environment, allowing coffee cultivation as high as 2,000 meters.

The Guatemalan coffee grading system “defines the Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) grade to include coffee beans grown at elevations higher than 4,500 feet [1350 meters] above sea level, while the Hard Bean (HB) grade includes coffee beans grown between 4,000 feet and 5,000 feet [1300-1500 meters] above sea level.” The higher the elevation, the slower the growth and ripening, thus the denser the bean, rendering it of higher quality.

Portland, OR

Upper Left Roasters

When one of the original food entrepreneurs in Portland decided to open a coffee business with his daughter, Jim and Katherine Harris did it right. A true Portland-style neighborhood café, Upper Left opened Autumn 2015 in a beautiful, light-filled space that integrates roasting with daily café operations.

Upper Left has quickly built a strong team of coffee professionals and is forming a reputation for delicious coffees, roasted by Chris Alspach on site. Upper Left offers coffees carefully sourced from around the world, to a broader audience through


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