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Ethiopia Sidamo Decaf

Maple, caramel, almond.

A thick, hearty decaf that maintains its Ethiopia Sidamo characteristics, this coffee brings a hint of maple to the aroma, leading to caramel and almond, finishing with hints of honey and berries. Perfect for a late night cuppa, or an exciting alternative to a caffeinated brew.

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Wolayta SNNPR
Damota Wolayta Farmers’ Cooperative Union
Ethiopian Heirloom
Natural Process

Damota Wolayta Farmers’ Cooperative Union

The Damota Wolayta Farmers Cooperative Union was formed in 2003 by 26 primary cooperatives. That number has since grown to 64, 42 of which produce coffee. This union enables the co-ops and their members to band together to obtain higher prices and greater yields thanks to agricultural assistance and technology, better bargaining power through collaboration, and more accessibility to markets both domestic and foreign.

The patented Swiss water decaffeination process for this coffee combines specialty beans, crystal clean water, and just the right amount of time to render the beans 99.9% caffeine free. During the process, trained professionals monitor the coffees in order to preserve the distinctive terroir of each origin and ensure that what ends up in your cup is nuanced and full of flavor.

Oromia, Sidamo, Ethiopia

The Wolayta zone of the Oramio region (also spelled Wolayita or Welayta), is so named after the Welayta people. Mildly undulating hills and dark red soil are characteristic of this zone. While the soil—an average of 30 meters deep and virtually free of rocks—has a sandy, light texture when wet. But when dry it is brick-hard, making plowing impossible.

In Ethiopia, more than half of the coffee is called “garden coffee,” because it’s grown in the yards of producers, along with crops such as beans, bananas, avocadoes, and mangoes.Coffee’s origin is shrouded in mystery but is thought to have begun in Ethiopia, where heirloom varieties still grow wild beside the road. As the story goes, a drowsy goatherder named Kaldi noticed his goats were perkier after nibbling on the coffee trees, and tried the cherry for himself. Caffeine was discovered, and coffee’s epic began.

Eugene, OR

Voyage Coffee Roasters

Voyage Coffee Roasters was birthed in beautiful Eugene, Oregon, in 2012 when Scott Van Den Elzen decided to take his home roasting hobby to the Willamette Valley and his daughter, Jessamyn, decided to join him. Four years later, they are still going strong, and the rest of the family—Gabriel, Peace, Ryland and Alyssa—pitch in with packaging, deliveries, sales, ideas, and anything else that needs doing!

Roast Master Scott focuses on small batches of outstanding coffees roasted on the dark side, both blends and single origins. He's so committed to bringing his family's enjoyment of coffee to each of his customers that Voyage offers both a medium and a dark roast of each coffee.


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