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Tanzania Tarime

Pomegrante, thyme, orange marmalade

Hints of pomegranate, fresh green grape, and thyme segue into a very sweet orange marmalade cup with milk chocolate, caramel and red wine notes. This coffee has a delicate, structured acidity and a very creamy body.

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Muriba CPU (Central Processing Unit)
Washed Process

Muriba CPU (Central Processing Unit)

High in the hills of near the Tanzania/Kenyan border, the average coffee farmer has approximately one acre of land/550 coffee trees. Most growers sell their cherry to Tarime Muriba CPU (Central Processing Unit) located 32 km from the town of Tarime. Muriba CPU serves ten farmer groups/15 different villages and has gone from zero production in 2013 to approximately two million kilos of cherry for the 2015 season, with production increases expected as the farmers receive training in agricultural practices that will increase yields.

Muriba CPU is under a ten year lease to Dormans Ltd, a Kenyan company that promotes sustainable practices at Muriba, and pays producers some of the highest prices going for their coffee, working to establish a trust-based, transparent relationship with the farmers while supporting industry growth in Tanzania and improving the quality of coffee coming out of the country.

Mara, Tanzania, United Republic of

In Tanzania, distances are vast; the Mara region is a stone’s throw from the Kenyan districts of Migori, Trans Mara and Kisiit, south lies the Serengeti, and more than 1200 km of dry dusty roads stretch between Mara district and the port of Dar Es Salaam. However, the clean, fresh, highgrown coffee from this region is worth the transport.

Coffee made its Tanzanian debut via French missionaries in the late 1800s. Soil here is rich and coffee-friendly, rainfall is generous, and steep hills and microclimates lend themselves to growing coffee with a winey, sweet terroir. Often sharing space with tea bushes, 90% of the country’s coffee is produced by smallholders who can either process their cherries on their own farms with a hand pulper or at central processing units like Muriba, then can sell them directly to private companies or to co-ops.

Eugene, OR

Voyage Coffee Roasters

Voyage Coffee Roasters was birthed in beautiful Eugene, Oregon, in 2012 when Scott Van Den Elzen decided to take his home roasting hobby to the Willamette Valley and his daughter, Jessamyn, decided to join him. Four years later, they are still going strong, and the rest of the family—Gabriel, Peace, Ryland and Alyssa—pitch in with packaging, deliveries, sales, ideas, and anything else that needs doing!

Roast Master Scott focuses on small batches of outstanding coffees roasted on the dark side, both blends and single origins. He's so committed to bringing his family's enjoyment of coffee to each of his customers that Voyage offers both a medium and a dark roast of each coffee.


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