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Coffee Description

Tastes like stomping through a candy bowl: cherry starburst, a handful of skittles, salted caramel, and mango lassi! Suffocated in a tank of CO² & brought back to tread your palate. No tricks here; this is a very limited, must-have treat!

Light Roast

Roast Level



Ethiopian Heirloom




2100 m



About Damo Village Washing Station of Ethiopia

This lot from Damo Village was processed with an anaerobic fermentation technique native to wine-making that slowly draws out flavor in each individual cherry as the CO2 penetrates the skins to affect unique chemical reactions. After controlled fermentation, the cherries are resurrected from their gassy chambers and laid to rest on raised beds.

"Damo Village is located in the Bensa woreda of the Sidama Zone of Ethiopia. Ardent Coffee Export processed coffee at a washing station where contributing local coffee farmers grow their coffee at 1,900 - 2,100 meters above sea level and categorized as “A” according to the current Ethiopian coffee designation. Established in 2008, fresh red cherries are processed by washed and natural (dry) methods as well as experimental methods like honey, anaerobic, and carbonic maceration. Training is also provided to farmers with emphasis on processing methods, re-using organic materials and fertilization, and water sanitation."


Denton, TX

West Oak Coffee

West Oak Coffee Roasters set out on the specialty coffee trail December 2014 from a small town in Texas. Soon, they were riding point, with two coffee shops, a coffee and cocktail bar, a multitude of direct trade and export partners, international barista competitors, and a global vision wrapped up in what they call the Voltage Coffee Project. This project embodies the same pioneer spirit that brought folks out west to begin with. (Don't worry; in Texas you can end a sentence with a preposition). At West Oak, integrity is a chief value. They’re committed to the highest levels of quality, kindness, honesty, and fun, with the goal of becoming a great boon to their partners as they help fuel the sustainability and innovation of the coffee industry.

West Oak says, “Kinda like Texas, we’re a land of misfit toys, outlaws, and outlaw lovers. We’re opinionated, yet humble; we’re savvy, yet kind. We’re serious about our work, but not about ourselves. We celebrate good food and drink...Friends always come before work, and family above all. And if you’re a friend, then you’re family.”

Beyond high scoring raw coffees and meticulous growers, they partner with kind, ethical people, the type that text at midnight to share a laugh or an exciting new crop. Friends who give their best, so West Oak can pass it on, beautifully roasted and full of story. At West Oak Coffee, they have a saying: "Always Drink Upstream from the Herd.” As they put it, “It means more than not drinking cattle crap. It means always trekking the extra mile for what you know is better. It means, for goodness sakes, show yourself some love and think before you drink. It means we will always go out of our way to serve you the best cup for the best price.”


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