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Ever wonder why coffee is often referred to as Java? Well, coffee from the small island of Java in Indonesia was one of the first origins that American colonists had access to in the early 1700s, and thus for them, “a cup of Java” was an exchangeable term for a cup of coffee.

Dutch colonists brought coffee to Java around 1699. There they built large coffee estates, and by 1712, the first bag of Indonesian coffee was exported to Amsterdam and the world was well on its way to its love affair with the magic bean.

Before Rust disease ravaged coffee plantings on Java at the turn of the 19th century, it was the leader in coffee production. Disease-resistant Robusta varieties replaced the more susceptible Arabica strains, but since then, the Indonesian government has sponsored a modest comeback of Arabica on the original Dutch estates, steadily replacing Robusta varieties with higher-demand Arabica whenever possible.

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