Dapper & Wise

El Carmen Natural

Dark cherry, Rooibos, dark chocolate.

Mixed Oregon berries with their sweet, bright juices explode in the aroma of this coffee. In the cup, it is rich and lively, with syrupy, dark cherry flavor notes. This sweet front finds the perfect balance as it rounds off into a smooth, 73% dark chocolate finish.

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El Salvador
Santa Ana
Finca El Carmen
Fernando Alfaro
Natural Process

Meet Fernando Alfaro

From the mid-1800’s when Antonio Alfaro first planted coffee at El Carmen, to his son, Augustin, who founded the Salvadoran National Coffee Co. to the present day owner, Fernando Alfaro, the Alfaro family has been raising coffee. At El Carmen, Fernando maintains meticulous processing from start to finish, preserving the identity of each lot. He also processes coffees for his neighbors, enabling them to earn their annual salary through the few bags of coffee they produce per year.

El Carmen lies In the heart of El Salvador’s Mesoamerican Biological Corridor, providing sanctuary for hundreds of migratory and native species of birds. Besides growing amazing coffee, Fernando and his family use a portion of their land for agro-tourism, offering coffee tours and accommodations in the farm’s original home. Not only does this enable visitors a unique opportunity to experience coffee growing and processing firsthand, it creates welcome jobs in the community.

Apaneca-llamatepec, El Salvador

Often referred to as the Santa Ana coffee region (it is near the city of Santa Ana), Apaneca is the largest coffee-producing area in El Salvador. And this is where most of the bigger farms are located. Near to Santa Ana and Ahuachapan cities, Bourbon, Pacas, and Bourbon varietals are most frequently grown.

Legend has it that in the early 1900’s, mules carried coffee from coffee farms in this region to the port at Acajutla. Between the port and the farmers yawned a deep precipice, spanned only by single rope bridges which did not always hold the weight. Periodically, one would give way, sending people and animals plummeting to their deaths, taking the precious cargo of coffee with them.

Hillsboro, OR

Dapper & Wise

In 2013, Insomnia's owners Evan Aldrete and Tyler Geel launched Dapper & Wise as a tasting room and roasting facility in Portland's Western suburbs, and by 2014, as a wholesaler as well. Although both wear many hats, in general, Evan oversees the roasting operation and Tyler oversees the business end of things.

Based out of Beaverton, Oregon, Evan and Tyler work with a stellar team, all of whom are dedicated to the values that undergird Dapper & Wise: “We want people to walk through our doors and feel welcome. We want people to taste our coffee and be impressed and inspired. We want the coffee we roast to exemplify the hard work of the producers that grow it.”

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