Beaverton, OR

Dapper & Wise

In 2013, Insomnia's owners Evan Aldrete and Tyler Geel launched Dapper & Wise as a tasting room and roasting facility in Portland's Western suburbs, and by 2014, as a wholesaler as well. Although both wear many hats, in general, Evan oversees the roasting operation and Tyler oversees the business end of things.

Based out of Beaverton, Oregon, Evan and Tyler work with a stellar team, all of whom are dedicated to the values that undergird Dapper & Wise: “We want people to walk through our doors and feel welcome. We want people to taste our coffee and be impressed and inspired. We want the coffee we roast to exemplify the hard work of the producers that grow it.”

Coffees from Dapper & Wise

  1. Light

    Colombia Darabiel Osorio

    Maple syrup, green grape, toffee.

    $19.50 / 12oz

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  2. Light

    Kenya Nyeri

    Grapefruit, peach, honeysuckle

    $21 / 12oz

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  3. Light

    Santa Isabel

    Cherry, raspberry, allspice.

    $19.50 / 12oz

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  4. Light

    Reko Koba Washed

    Nectarine, black tea, red grape.

    $20 / 12oz

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  5. Medium

    MWP Decaf

    Crème brûlée, toasted almonds, praline.

    • DECAF

    $17 / 12oz

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  6. Light

    Ethiopia Qonqona Natural

    Blackberry compote, lime zest, black cherry.

    $20 / 12oz

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