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Ethiopia Bombe Washed

Orange Julius, butterscotch, hops.

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12oz / whole bean / free shipping

No, not bomb. Bombe (boam-bay). But definitely a flavor bomb with a capital B. First sips offer mellow roundedness of an Orange Julius drink. The middle channels creamy butterscotch candy, and hints of crisp, clean hops surface in the velvety and lingering finish. Boom!

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Bombe Washing Station
Smallholder producers
Ethiopian Heirloom
Washed Process

Meet Smallholder producers

Named for the Bombe Mountains to the south, Bombe Washing Station is a sister mill of Shantawene and Qonqona washing stations, owned by Asefa Dukamo (shown here inspecting coffee at his Shantawene mill). According to importer, Catalyst Trade, producers from these communities bring their cherries to Bombe as a central processing point for Organic Certified coffees. There, each lot is separated into specific fermentation tanks and drying locations, providing more opportunities for the producers’s coffees as well as centralizing special processing techniques such as shaded fermentation tanks and washing channels as well as shaded drying tables.

Bombe has achieved several levels of certification, including NOP and JAS Organic as well as C.A.F.E. Practices, allowing local coffee cherries already grown using organic methods to reach new markets around the world and improve the quality of life for growers thereby. This level of care and quality processing are paying off: coffees from these mills are winning prizes like the Golden Bean and Good Food awards.

Sidama, Ethiopia

The land of the Sidama people in the SNNPR region is one of the most green and fertile lands on the African continent, and because of that, its people were stable and self-sufficient, an independent nation-state until annexed to Ethiopia in 1891. And a word on the name Sidamo vs Sidama: the Sidama do not refer to themselves as Sidamo. They feel it is a label that represents the the conquest of their independence and the suppression of their identity as a people. They prefer Sidama.

Both washed and unwashed coffees are produced here. The beans are of medium size and green/grey in color. Washed Sidama coffee is particularly appreciated for its round cup, balanced acidity, body, and characteristic flavor, which is sweet in taste and a vital component of many roasters' lists.

Hillsboro, OR

Dapper & Wise

In 2013, Insomnia's owners Evan Aldrete and Tyler Geel launched Dapper & Wise as a tasting room and roasting facility in Portland's Western suburbs, and by 2014, as a wholesaler as well. Although both wear many hats, in general, Evan oversees the roasting operation and Tyler oversees the business end of things.

Based out of Beaverton, Oregon, Evan and Tyler work with a stellar team, all of whom are dedicated to the values that undergird Dapper & Wise: “We want people to walk through our doors and feel welcome. We want people to taste our coffee and be impressed and inspired. We want the coffee we roast to exemplify the hard work of the producers that grow it.”


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