Nossa Familia Coffee

Guatemala Timoteo's Microlot

Dulce de leche, toasted hazelnut, chocolate.

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12oz / whole bean / free shipping

Fragrances of coconut, cherry mash, and sweet orange launch this very sweet, juicy coffee. In the cup, silky dulce de leche enfolds toasted hazelnut and deep chocolate notes drizzled with honey. Acidity is mellow and sweet, the perfect combo with caramelized, velvety body.

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San Miguel Escobar
San Miguel Escobar Cooperative
Timoteo Minas
Washed Process

Meet Timoteo Minas

Timoteo Minas coaxes coffee from his five cuerdas (acres) of land, and with the help of his horse, Coyota, he hauls compost up the volcano, and brings coffee fruit down. He’s a bricklayer when not working with his coffee, and lives with his wife and six children in a concrete home he built with his own hands. With income from each coffee harvest, he has gradually added rooms to accommodate his family. But more than that, Timo has been able to further his children’s education, spending over a third of his income for his daughters' progress and schooling.

He also serves as treasurer and peer-to-peer trainer for De La Gente (“from the people”), a non-profit organization working to create a real cultural experience by encouraging interaction between visitors and local Guatemalans as well as supplementing income for farmers and artisans. Dedicated and hardworking, Timoteo uses his success to help others become successful too.

Antigua, Guatemala

The Guatemalan highlands of the Antigua region produce some of the country’s most notable coffees. In Spanish, Antigua means ancient, and the city certainly is that. Rich in baroque Spanish architecture and colonial heritage sites, Antigua has become a hub for for students desiring to immerse themselves in Spanish language studies. Just outside of the city lies San Miguel Escobar, home of the coffee cooperative of the same name.

Coffee lovers coming to tour the cooperative and working coffee farm must be prepared to hike through the lush foothills where they can chat with the farmers and workers as they plant, cultivate, pick, process, and sort the current coffee crop. It’s also a great place to volunteer, working side by side with the Guatemalan people, many of whom are of Mayan descent, are characteristically genuine, hardworking, and hospitable.

Portland, OR

Nossa Familia Coffee

Frustration and pride may seem like strange bedfellows, but when Brazilian-born Augusto Carvalho Dias Carneiro (bottom left in the team photo) became disillusioned with engineering, his thoughts and heart turned to his family’s award-winning coffee farms in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, where he grew up and his family has grown coffee for over a hundred years.

Nossa Familia, "Our Family" was born in 2004 as a way to share his family coffee with Portland. At first, Nossa partnered with a local Portland roaster and built up a loyal following, then opened their own roastery in 2012 and an Espresso Bar in 2013. Nossa Familia recently became Oregon's first certified B Corp roaster, earning a certification that recognizes the hard work and love that roots this family business.

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