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Nossa Familia Coffee

Frustration and pride may seem like strange bedfellows, but when Brazilian-born Augusto Carvalho Dias Carneiro (bottom left in the team photo) became disillusioned with engineering, his thoughts and heart turned to his family’s award-winning coffee farms in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, where he grew up and his family has grown coffee for over a hundred years.

Nossa Familia, "Our Family" was born in 2004 as a way to share his family coffee with Portland. At first, Nossa partnered with a local Portland roaster and built up a loyal following, then opened their own roastery in 2012 and an Espresso Bar in 2013. Nossa Familia recently became Oregon's first certified B Corp roaster, earning a certification that recognizes the hard work and love that roots this family business.

Coffees from Nossa Familia Coffee

  1. Medium

    Ernesto’s Brazilian

    Floral, honey, toffee.

    $18.75 / 12oz

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  2. Dark

    Mathilde’s French Roast, Brazil

    Dark chocolate, woody, tobacco.

    $18.75 / 12oz

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  3. Medium

    Augusta’s Organic

    Apple, caramel, walnut.

    $18.75 / 12oz

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  4. Dark

    Teodoro’s Italian Roast, Brazil

    Chocolate, tobacco, toasted almond.

    $18.75 / 12oz

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  5. Dark

    Camila’s Organic

    Cocoa powder, almond skin, tobacco.

    $18.75 / 12oz

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  6. Full Cycle Espresso

    Caramel, citrus, floral.

    $18.75 / 12oz

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  7. Medium/Dark

    Brazil Swiss Water Decaf

    Hazelnut, milk chocolate, hibiscus.

    • DECAF

    $18.75 / 12oz

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