Nossa Familia Coffee

Nicaragua Finca San Jose de las Nubes Natural

Blueberry muffin, fruit leather, malted chocolate.

Descriptors just keep piling up for this juicy coffee. For starters, aromas include blackberry, chocolate, and baked apricot. Flavor notes of blueberry muffin cuddle up to fruit leather, cascara, and sweet grain, while acidity is clean, and body is velvety with a tea-like mouthfeel.

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Finca San Jose de las Nubes
Bayardo Reyes
Natural Process

Meet Bayardo Reyes

Finca San Jose de las Nubes (Farm San Jose of the Clouds) hugs the hillside in a land of mountains and rivers and forests.There in the shade of plantain trees and cloud forest mists, 3rd-generation coffee farmer, Bayardo Reyes, grows his coffee near his family’s original farm.

For Bayardo, quality coffee is not an end in itself. “I wanted to help people around there grow coffee and show them what I learned from my dad and granddad,” Bayardo said. While his vision is to produce high-quality, specialty-grade coffee—which he does—Reyes, a civil engineer and major in the U.S. Army, works with an agronomist and his mother to create not just great coffee but also socially responsible and sustainable practices. “The whole thing was never about coffee,” said Bayardo. “It was about helping people, and the coffee made it possible.”

Matagalpa, Nicaragua

The Matagalpa region of Nicaragua grows some of the country’s best coffees due to its cool, wet microclimate and high elevation. It is worth visiting, but when rains turn the clay roads from passable to a river of slick gumbo, you’ll be traversing it on donkey or by foot into the cloud forests. These low and persistent mists that hang on the mountain at the upper reaches of the tree canopy create microclimates that coax the best out of the coffee trees.

Matagalpa was originally occupied by the indigenous people, but gold was discovered here in 1850 and brought a flood of settlers from Spain, Germany, America, and Great Britain. With these settlers came the first coffee trees, and as they flourished, Europeans immigrated to grow and export the beans, mingling their families and their cultures with the Matagalpas. Now the region is known as one of the best coffee-producing areas of Nicaragua, with characteristically balanced, chocolate, tobacco, and vanilla-forward flavor attributes.

Portland, OR

Nossa Familia Coffee

Frustration and pride may seem like strange bedfellows, but when Brazilian-born Augusto Carvalho Dias Carneiro (bottom left in the team photo) became disillusioned with engineering, his thoughts and heart turned to his family’s award-winning coffee farms in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, where he grew up and his family has grown coffee for over a hundred years.

Nossa Familia, "Our Family" was born in 2004 as a way to share his family coffee with Portland. At first, Nossa partnered with a local Portland roaster and built up a loyal following, then opened their own roastery in 2012 and an Espresso Bar in 2013. Nossa Familia recently became Oregon's first certified B Corp roaster, earning a certification that recognizes the hard work and love that roots this family business.

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