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Sweet and gently brisk, this coffee offers brown sugar, marzipan, and honeysuckle in aroma and cup. Balanced acidity with rounded, juicy body, flavor notes consolidate around stone fruit and cacao nib in a long and pleasant finish.

Medium Roast








Marcala, Honduras

About Luis Nolasco of Honduras

In the past 3 years, Luis Nolasco and Old Soul have formed a unique partnership. Though Luis has been growing coffee for 15 years, he’s had only 3 "Specialty". He’s on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to knowledge and resources, and that’s what has made these last three years working with Luis such a unique and inspiring opportunity.

The first year, Luis produced 10 bags of coffee which scored between 82-83 pts. Through hard work, farm infrastructure improvement projects and attending best practice seminars, Luis increased his exportable coffee this year to 14 bags (all of which Old Soul bought). Quality is up, too, at 85-86 points. With the profits Luis got this year, he was able to bring electricity to his family’s house and send his two oldest daughters to advanced schooling in the capital.

Marcala, Honduras

Sacramento, CA

Old Soul Co.

Started by Tim Jordan and Jason Griest in an obscure alley in Sacramento in 2006, Old Soul Co. has grown rapidly but still enthusiastically shares the same vision ten years later: "celebrate the artisan aspects of bread baking and coffee roasting and dedicate ourselves to getting better at our crafts everyday!"

Old Soul's coffee sourcing practices set them apart: owner Jason Griest travels to as many of the farms growing Old Soul's coffees as possible. In Sacramento, Old Soul is deeply involved in volunteering and giving back to the community. The roasting company has received many 90+ and "Best Of" awards over the past years.


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