Sacramento, CA

Old Soul Co.

Started by Tim Jordan and Jason Griest in an obscure alley in Sacramento in 2006, Old Soul Co. has grown rapidly but still enthusiastically shares the same vision ten years later: "celebrate the artisan aspects of bread baking and coffee roasting and dedicate ourselves to getting better at our crafts everyday!"

Old Soul's coffee sourcing practices set them apart: owner Jason Griest travels to as many of the farms growing Old Soul's coffees as possible. In Sacramento, Old Soul is deeply involved in volunteering and giving back to the community. The roasting company has received many 90+ and "Best Of" awards over the past years.

Coffees from Old Soul Co.

  1. Medium

    Honduras Luis Nolasco Nano Lot

    Brown sugar, marzipan, roasted cacao nib.

    $19 / 12oz

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  2. Brazil Serra Negra Decaf

    Cashew, caramel, chocolate.


    $19 / 12oz

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  3. Light/Medium

    Nicaragua Santa Lucila

    Orange rind, graham cracker, chocolate ganache.

    $19.50 / 12oz

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  4. Loma La Gloria

    Baker’s chocolate, fig, tangerine.

    $19.50 / 12oz

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  5. Medium

    Yirgacheffe Hafursa Special Prep

    Passion fruit, grape candy, lemon drop.

    $21 / 12oz

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  6. Medium

    Brazil Fazenda Alta Vista

    Milk chocolate, pecan, citrus.

    $19.50 / 12oz

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  7. Medium

    Sumatra, Gayo “Adsenia” Triple Pick

    Fudge, plum, molasses.

    $19.50 / 12oz

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  8. Medium/Dark

    “The Remedy” Espresso Blend

    Cocoa, pecan, berry.

    $19.50 / 12oz

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