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Brazil Fazenda Sertão

Milk chocolate, peanut butter, brown sugar.

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Freshly ground fragrance offers hints of cocoa, brown sugar, graham cracker, and toasted nut. In the cup, chocolate and peanut butter do their classic dance, enhanced by brown sugar notes. Fruity acidity and butter-cream body round out the profile.

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Carmo De Minas
The Sertão Group
Fazenda Sertão
1100-1450 m
Yellow Bourbon
Natural Process

Meet Fazenda Sertão

Coffee production at Fazenda Sertão dates back to the early days of coffee in the Carmo de Minas region, and in 1940, dentist José Isidro Pereira inherited the coffee farm when his mother passed away. Shortly thereafter, he met and married Nazareth Dias. Over the years, they have coaxed excellence from their land. Fast-forward to the present: Nazareth continues running the farm with the help of their 5 children, all coffee producers managing this and other family farms through the family’s firm, The Sertão Group. carrying on their parents’ commitment to developing and improving coffee, sustainability, and community infrastructure.

At Fazenda Sertão, coffee trees grow on slopes up to 50 degrees of steepness. This intense angle allows the plants to avoid frost damage, protects them against fungal infections thanks to lower relative humidity, and results in more uniform ripening of the cherries. These benefits in conjunction with high altitude and a perfect microclimate combine to produce a beautifully sweet coffee.

Carmo De Minas, Brazil

Carmo De Minas is part of the micro region of Serra da Mantiqueira. Here the fertile volcanic soil, high altitudes, and predominant sunlight of Carmo De Minas lend a distinctive terroir to coffees grown here—so much so that it was the first coffee region in Brazil to earn the European Union’s Geographical Indication seal designating that qualities and attributes unique to this region are consistent in the coffee from Fazenda Santa Inês.

“Mantiqueira” roughly translates as “Crying Mountains,” referring to the natural springs and streams of the region. The state of Minas Gerais is rich in history and European influence. Indigenous people make up a sector of the population, and though Portuguese is the prominent language, residents hail not just from Portugal but from many varied parts of the globe, including Africa, Germany, and Lebanon.

Lancaster, PA

Square One Coffee

Since 2007, Square One Coffee has become a nationally known name in specialty coffee, wholesaling to quality-focused shops up and down the east coast, and opening two retail locations in Philadelphia (2012 & 2014). Owners Josh and Jess Steffy and their talented team of coffee professionals take their passion for people and coffee seriously. This means partnering with coffee producers and communities, paying premium prices for their hard work and reinvesting into those communities whenever possible. It also means paying all of their employees a living wage with opportunities to learn and grow in their craft.


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