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Colombia Cauca

Brown sugar, pear, cocoa.

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12oz / whole bean / free shipping

Sensory celebration to the max, this coffee delights the nose with everything from lemongrass and tropical fruit to toffee and subtle florals. In the cup, cherry and lime dance the light fantastic along with cocoa and sweet honeydew melon. Tangy cherry acidity grows deeply sweet with hints of juicy pear and jasmine. Rounded. Smooth. Caramelized.

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Smallholder producers
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Meet Smallholder producers

This coffee is sourced through Cafe Import’s Regional Select Program. Regional Select offerings are built from lots of coffees that score between 84-87 on the cupping table and are traceable to the region and often even the microregion, but because the small holders contributing to the lots do not have enough product to create their own microlots, are not farm/farmer specific.

Since local terroir is so key in the flavor profiles of coffees, the Regional Select program sources for “taste of place,” as they call it, as well as availability and pricing. The Cauca region, where high elevation, cool nights, good varieties of coffee plants, and skilled, intentional husbandry are present, those distinctive flavors tend toward tangy acidity, balanced sweetness, with an undergirding of caramel or cocoa. Case in point, this delightful coffee from Square One.

Cauca, Colombia

The Cauca region in the south-western part of the country faces the Pacific Ocean where daily temperatures range from close to 11 degrees centigrade (51 F) by night and 18 degrees centigrade (64 F) by day. These temperature variations alter the rhythm of ripening, giving the coffee the higher acidity levels, distinctive sweet notes, and particular caramelized fragrance for which the region is known.

Here the great Andes mountains split into Cordilleras (parallel mountain ranges): Cordillera Occidental, Cordillera Centro – Oriental, and 70% of Colombia’s safe water springs the high, cold mountains and brutally rugged terrain. One of these rivers, the Cauca, lends its name to the region. The people here--descendents of Guambiana (Misak), Páez (Nasa), Yanacona, Coconucos and other first-nation peoples as well as Europeans, are resilient and hard working, and it is their efforts that have made Cauca the rich agricultural region that it is today.

Lancaster, PA

Square One Coffee

Since 2007, Square One Coffee has become a nationally known name in specialty coffee, wholesaling to quality-focused shops up and down the east coast, and opening two retail locations in Philadelphia (2012 & 2014). Owners Josh and Jess Steffy and their talented team of coffee professionals take their passion for people and coffee seriously. This means partnering with coffee producers and communities, paying premium prices for their hard work and reinvesting into those communities whenever possible. It also means paying all of their employees a living wage with opportunities to learn and grow in their craft.


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